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So here’s the 2nd Travel Diary post about my little trip to Berlin. I wasn’t sure whether this second post would be worth it, but you guys really seemed to like the first Berlin Travel Diary post, so why the hell not do the second, right?

My parents and I took the Sunday rather chilled – and that’s the right word, because it was absolutely freezing!!

I wanted to go shopping with them, but like a complete moron I forgot how backwards Germany is in some regards and even big cities like Berlin aren’t allowed to have their shops open Sundays (I would love to know how economically powerful Germany could be if they would let people and especially the tourists spend their money on Sundays!), so besides it sending me on a massive rant we only ended up walking around – to the Brandenburg Gate.

The Brandenburg Gate is Berlin’s 2nd most famous landmark, which used to mark the central point where East and West Berlin met.

My mum got pretty emotional. Telling me how this is where they, in December 1989, picked their own pieces of the Wall when it was being ripped down. But it was also where my mum, aged 11 on 13th August 1961, came back after a day in West Berlin and got refused re-entrance to East Berlin thanks to the decision-makers choosing to build the Wall. For my mum especially this place marks the split and the reunion of Germany, which many others experienced, but only a few the way she did.

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So I couldn’t miss the opportunity to take a picture of my parents standing on the cobblestones that run all through town where the Wall used to stand ;)

We then went to the Holocaust Memorial and on to the Potsdamer Platz, where we stumbled onto the Thor 2 premiere! AND I MET CHRIS HEMSWORTH (and Natalie Portman)!! I could’ve not asked for a more perfect ending to my little trip :)

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10 Comments on “Travel Diary • Berlin #2

  1. Leanne

    Ahhh I love this post even more than the other one. I love your mum’s story of the wall. Can’t believe you met Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth – and it didn’t escape my notice that Mutti Herchenbach is wearing your scarf! xxx

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