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I’m sooo uber psyched that my post about why I think bloggers should be on WordPress went down so well with you guys. So let’s try and make this a regular feature on the blog – EVERY SUNDAY YOU’LL BE GETTING SOME NEW TECHIE TIPS FROM ME THAT I THINK CAN HELP YOU TAKE YOUR BLOG TO THE NEXT LEVEL :)

I’m so happy to hear that my post helped you guys not just opening up to the idea of a Blogger-alternative but deciding on a move and even trusting me with that move. Your blog is your babe and it means a whole lot to me that you let me take care of it big style!

So I thought I put together a short list of a few must-have plugins that I always install when I move someone across to WordPress, because they are just insanely useful. And of course they’re all for free.

EWWWW Image Optimizer

Not the best name, granted, but this little plugin can really be so useful. I include a lot of pictures in my blog posts, so I  need to keep their sizes down so that my site and the individual posts still load fast for you lovelies – I wouldn’t wanna eat up your time or data too much!

One way is to resize the images to a maximum of 800px width, but another way is to compress. Ever created a zip-archive? It’s like that. The file’s quality stays the same but it becomes smaller, so loads faster. And you can do it in bulk! Woop!


WordPress SEO by Yoast

As I mentioned in my 3 reasons to be on WordPress post, being able to influence your site’s SEO (“onsite SEO”) is one of WordPress’s biggest appeal for bloggers. This plugin allows you to do just that with any programming. It is quite complex to configure, but there are great tutorials online about what the ideal settings are!

This baby has made a difference. In the 3-4 months that I’ve been on WordPress and I’ve been using this, my SEO metrics have improved significantly! I’m happy to sort it out for you too – it took me a long while and lots of reading to sort it out!



This little plugin is DA BOMB. Like seriously. If you had to get ANY WordPress plugin it HAS to be this one. It’s quick to install and then all you need to do is sign up to Akismet (it’s for free on the ‘personal plan’), connect your blog to it, and add the API key you get in the settings of the plugin and BOOM, off you go.

In 3.5 months, without ANY of my doing, it’s caught THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED spam comments!



If you get the Disqus commenting system, then your readers will be able to comment from their mobile devices. That alone should make you wanna have it ;) Also, it can be combined with Akismet and it’s goodbye spam and hello lots more comments :)


Jetpack for WordPress

This is another one of these god-send plugins. It is super customisable. Want share buttons? Enable it wth Jetpack. Want to automatically send a tweet and/or Facebook message when you have blogged? Do it here. Want to get short-links for your blog posts? Yup. You can get stats (of course you can also use Google Analytics), mobile theme options and so much more.


Nivo Slider for WordPress

I’m sure those of you who read lots of blogs and other stuff on the internet will have noticed those sliders just below many website’s headers showcasing the most recent posts with big-ass picture and the post title. This can be a super useful tool for your readers to give them an overview of whatever posts you want (most popular, most recent, from a specific category, etc)


nRelate Related Posts

Forget LinkWithin. Besides being cheeky as f*ck and automatically getting a backlink from you when you install the widget, it also is impossibly rubbish and not very customisable. nRelate has different templates so you can have it look different, you can decide where you want the widget to display and so on.


I hope you found this post helpful. Do make sure you check out my other Savvy Blogging posts!


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8 Comments on “Savvy Blogging • 7 Essential WordPress Plugins

  1. Stephanie

    I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO see more of these posts!! I’m sorry for all the caps, but just got soooo excited about weekly blog posts for those who want to optimize wordpress :) I am loving this series already :) I’ve used 5/7 the plugins you show here, and just installed the other two! It’d be really awesome if you can write something more in-depth about analyzing analytics result and what we should look for when making our blog SEO-friendly!

    I’m curious as to how soon until we can see results from making the blog SEO-friendly! I’ve thoroughly updated my blog but really haven’t seen increased traffic or hits after 1 month (it’s a bit discouraging too!) Thanks Maria xx

  2. Kathy Wrennall

    This WordPress plugin post is definitely savvy blogging! Sharing your tried and tested techie tips is so0o helpful for bloggers. We are all spending increasing time on spam, but thanks to your recommending Akismet, there’s more time for writing…IT’S AMAZING! I look forward to testing the others too and to reading more invaluable tips! Keep up the good work Maria x

  3. Bonnie Rose

    I just made the switch so I really appreciate all your posts! Trying to make sure I do not forget anything. Do you have any suggestions for photos I uploaded to blogger for my blogger posts now that I’m using wordpress?


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