Get Instagram back on Twitter’s timeline

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We all have accepted the fact that Instagram is a hugely valuable tool to engage with your readers and promote your blogging, so when Facebook decided to buy Instagram and Twitter disallowed their third-party service to be natively displayed in people’s timeline, the out-cry was a big one.

But there is a way around it all, so I thought I share.

Get Instagram back on Twitter’s timeline

01. Get Tumblr – You need to setup a free account (or not, if you already have it) on Tumblr.

02. Auto-Share On – Set your Tumblr up to be connected to your Twitter and share to it in the settings.

03. Stop Sharing and Share Instead – Rather than sharing to Twitter directly, share to Tumblr instead. If you’ve setup your Tumblr correctly, then Tumblr will trigger a ‘Photo’ tweet to your follower’s timeline and actually display the picture straight off.

It’s really super simple and easy and can really help letting your readers into your life :)


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3 Comments on “Get Instagram back on Twitter’s timeline

  1. Jayne

    I've started doing this recently and it's really worked a treat, great to start getting more interaction on Tumblr again too, a network I've neglected over the last few years.

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