Better Blogging Series: Youtube Subscription Box

Some of you may know that I’m a bit of a techy geek. I’ve freelanced as web designer & coder since I was 14 and recently I realised that I seem to be able to spare people headaches and frustration by sharing my geeky knowledge in a non-techy language!

So I created where I will be posting irregularly whenever I think of something or get asked about something that could be useful for you all to know.

But once in a while (like today) I will be posting tutorials over here too, in case you miss it.

So here we go…

Youtube Subscription Box for Blogger

Lots of people recently asked me where I got the little YouTube subscription box from that I have here in my blog on the right in the sidebar. You can see how many subscribers I have, etc.

I actually found this by accident on YouTube’s website as it is an official widget of theirs. But for some reason they seem to have kept it quiet. And I can’t actually find where it is on YouTube’s website, but someone has already written a tutorial on how to get that cute box…. The good thing is that it also tells you how to do this in WordPress – another blogging platform (with which I unfortunately can’t help)

Unfortunately they have written it in tech language, which I want to avoid here.

So here’s the tutorial of how to do it on Blogger (there is also a WordPress version, but I have no clue of WordPress as I’ve never worked with it)

Step 1
Copy the following text:

Step 2
Paste it into your computer’s notepad and replace “youryoutubeusername” with your actual Youtube user name. In my case I put MsDriftedSW

Step 3
Go to your Blogger Dashboard and click on ‘Design’ of your blog.(1)

Step 4
In your ‘Page Elements’-tab (2), click on ‘Add a gadget’ (3) that is listed above your sidebar or wherever you want to have it.

Step 3 & 4

Step 5
From the new window, choose ‘HTML/Javascript’.

Step 6
Give the widget/gadget a title like ‘My YouTube Channel’ or whatever you fancy and then copy the edited code with your actual YouTube username into that text field and save.

Step 5 & 6

Step 7
Move it into the position in your sidebar where you want to have it.

Viola! You have a YouTube subscription box! YAY! Well done :)

Changing the width of widget:
If you want to adjust the width of the widget (you cannot change the height) you can go back into the widget (you can access it through clicking on the wrench on your blog site, or through the “Page Elements”-tab in the “Design” section of your blog).

The width: 300px of the code dictates how wide (width) in pixel your widget is. Replacing the 300px to smaller numbers reduces the height/width, increasing it enlarges it. Just play around with it :) If you for example wanted the subscription box to span wide you could replace the 300px with 600px like below.

I hope this helps, again, let me know if you need any help, I’m happy to help everyone!

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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