Better Blogging Series: Buying a Domain

As a blogger, we tend to want to differentiate ourselves from other bloggers. That includes having a good layout, writing about interesting stuff but also having an address where people can find you easier. So lots of you lovely ladies either have or at least have considered buying a domain.

There are two different options of buying a domain:

Option 1: Redirecting/Forwarding

1st you can buy one and have it redirect to your blog address. Imagine it as having a postbox and all your mail gets sent there, but then forwarded to your personal address. It’s like that and the domain address hides your other address :-) It’s considered a bit more professional.

With this option your blog remains with WordPress or Blogspot/Blogger. It lives there and you just forward your visitors to its address via the domain address.

Option 2: Hosting

This 2nd option generally costs you a bit more and normally also involves a lot more manual work, which can be iffy (even I stay away from it because I just cant be bothered and I know my stuff!). With this you buy webspace and move your blog there away from WordPress and Blogspot/Blogger. You basically buy your blog a new house and need to move it there.

I dont recommend this option. It’s complicated and unless you actually run a business and/or understand all the proper tech-stuff. I don’t mean this in a mean way, but it’s just not necessary when you only want to write about beauty and stuff.

Buying a redicecting/forwarding domain

I would generally recommend, if you are on Blogspot/Blogger, to buy your domain through Google. Blogspot is owned by Google, which makes the handling a lot easier. You can of course also buy your domain somewhere else. I can recommend and This tutorial is for buying a domain through Google though. If you don’t want to buy through Google though, drop me an email and I help you still.

Step 1
Go to to access your dashboard.

Step 2
Click on ‘Settings’ where your blog is listed

Step 3
Click on ‘Publishing’ and click on ‘Custom Domain’

Step 4
Put in your domain name (e.g. missdriftedsnowwhite) and select your choice domain (.com,, etc)

Step 5
Click on ‘Check availablility’ (if the domain is not available, Google will tell you and you can find a new one!)

Step 6
Once you’ve found a domain address that’s available, Google will tell you it is and tells you the condition (it costs $10 a year!)

Step 7
Click on ‘Continue to Registration’

Step 8
Complete the form on the next site

Please note: If you leave ‘Automatically renew my registration every year’ you will be charged $10 every year at the same time for the address. 

Step 9
Complete your payment details and click ‘Place your order now’

Voila you are done! It will take a couple of days for Google to change the settings and everything, but your blog will then be available with your new domain address AND your old blogspot address. Test it: and bring you to the same address :)

Let me know if you need more help, you know I’m happy to help. Don’t forget, I have a blog where I exclusively only write about these sort of things: Go subscribe there if you wanna learn more about how to improve your blog.

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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4 Comments on “Better Blogging Series: Buying a Domain

  1. Anouk

    I've been thinking a while about buying a domain, but it all seems so complicated.But actually it isn't really, as I can reat here in your blogpost.I'm going to try and buy a domain now. And if I have any questions, I will be mailing you fer shure. :)

  2. Liz

    When would you recommend buying a domain?, ive only done a few blogs and Im loving it but I think its too early to get one. However, I really like the idea of basically having my own website xx 

  3. Anon-mode

    I'm a new blogger, I've been blogging for about a month maybe now. and I don't think i'm quite at the standard of this yet, but I loved this advice and shall definitely be returning back to it in time hopefully! Your blog was wholly inspiring to me, I have such a bag blogging bug, reading a good blog gives me butterflys and I get all excited about the whole thing!



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