5 Steps to Get / Keep Google Friend Connect on WordPress [2013 Solution]

Finished bannerI’ve had shied away from moving to WordPress for months because of Google Friend Connect only working on Blogger blots, but now I’ve managed to find a solution and so I thought I share my 5 Steps to Get or Keep Google Friend Connect on WordPress (as of 7th January 2013).

Works only for only self-hosted WordPress as well as Tumblr! WordPress.com-hosted WP doesn’t work as it doesn’t allow iframe-codes in widgets.

01. Have Someone Else Manage It

have your WordPress feed be managed by FeedCat or an another alternative (Feedburner is being killed off!). The address of your FeedCat feed for your WordPress blog will be something like http://feed.FeedCat.com/nameofchoice

02. Trick Blogger & GFC

in your Blogger blog Settings > Other copy the address of your FeedCat address from Step 1 into Post Feed Redirect URL. This way Blogger (and subsequently GFC) will think your FeedCat feed manages and displays the Blogger feed, which isn’t true, but Blogger can’t tell and will display the new WordPress feed to your subscribers, new and old.
If you haven’t gotten a Blogger blog, just create a basic, blank one with a non-dynamic template, give it the same name your WordPress blog has and follow Step 2. You will not have to update, customise or do anything with this blank blog. You just need it as a host for GFC. DO NOT DELETE YOUR BLOGGER ACCOUNT EVER.
Please note: If you used to have GFC on WordPress and lost it due to GFC’s only Blogger-restriction you cannot get it back.

03. Create The Cheat

add the Followers widget to your Blogger blog sidebar and then go to Template > Edit HTML and locate the text <b:skin><![CDATA[/* */ and place the code below right behind the */

#navbar-iframe {
height: 0px;
visibility: hidden;
display: none;
#Followers1 {
position: fixed !important;
top: 0px !important;
left: 0px !important;
height: 260px !important;
width: 300px !important;
background: white;
#Followers1-wrapper {
position: absolute;
top: 0px;
left: 0px;
background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% white;

04. Place Sneaky WordPress Widget

create a widget on your WordPress blog and copy the code below into it, Make sure to change the address to the address of Blogger blog. Of course you can change width & height.

<iframe style="width: 211px; border: 0px; height: 240px;" src="http://nameofchoice.blogspot.com/" height="240" width="320" scrolling="no"></iframe>

05. Act Like Nothing Happened

this only applies to those who are generally moving their blogs across to Blogger, not those who already are on WordPress. Import all your Blogger posts to WordPress, delete all the posts in Blogger and redirect the URL to your new WordPress blog.

Voila, you have GFC on WordPress!

Please don’t forget to let me know what you think and do make sure to share the post if it does work for you! Or get in touch at [email protected] and I’ll do these changes on Blogger for you but I’ll need admin-access.


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347 Comments on “5 Steps to Get / Keep Google Friend Connect on WordPress [2013 Solution]

    1. msdriftedsw Post author

      Hahaha you're very welcome Jayne! Sorry for all the confusion though! :( Glad we worked it all out together!!

    1. Miss drifted Snow Wh Post author

      It's not getting around it at all. It's like it says in the post. You only pay for email subscribers. If you don't allow and don't offer your subscribers to subscribe via eMail, you will not have any costs. Hope this helps xxx

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    1. BlushandBarbells

      Thanks! I've got GFC on blogger, but I can't create a widget on WordPress? I don't think I have the right layout for this. Going to poke through WordPress help pages to see how to create a widget.

  4. Anna

    Tried to put my feedcat URL into the blogger redirect URL but Blogger tells me I can't end the URL with a path :( Any suggestions?

    Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  5. Kari

    Hola! I've been following your website for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the good work!

  6. Marcia Beckett (Art is Basic)

    So I transferred all of my blog to a self-hosted wordpress blog.  I did everything you suggested in the tutorial and it shows up on my new blog.  So thank you!  However, I still have a lot of traffic to my old blog from Pinterest and now the google friends connect is stuck on the left side and scrolls with the posts on my old blog.  http://vividlayers.blogspot.com/  Is there any way around this?  Thanks in advance!

  7. Alenija

    You saved me :)
    But I just have a small problem, because the space to the left is too big and my widget doesnt look nice….
    Can you perhaps give me a little hint? I tried everything (adjusting width and height) but nothing works :(

          1. Lisette

            I would love to hear what your solution is! I am in the process of switching to WordPress and I cannot find a tutorial that helps me!

          2. Lisette

            My comment was not meant to insult. Yes, I see the comments.

            I have followed the instructions (except for keeping Feedburner) and I only see a blank space on my WordPress site where I installed the iframe. To clarify, I haven’t made my WordPress blog “live,” and I won’t do so until the design looks like I want it to (if I have to pay a third-party, I will). It’s address currently is in this format: temp.domain.com.

            I have no problems installing widgets or installing HTML into the Blogger template. I will try repeating the steps again.

          3. Miss drifted Snow White

            Unfortunately when Blogger templates are hacked to pieces then the code changes and as such the placement of the code does too. try and add a */ before and a /* after the code in step 3. youre welcome to email too x

          4. Lisette

            Sorry to so many bothersome e-mails and comments! Adding the */ before and the /* after worked!

            YAY! Thanks so much!

  8. Emily Cottam

    Hi, I'm really struggling with the widget part of the process. As far as I know, I've followed all the steps correctly but the widget on wordpress is appearing as a corner of the Blogger site, not as the GFC widget. Have I missed something?

    Thanks so much though!

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  11. Danasearsfam

    I have an issue, I added GFC to my WordPress Blog from blogger, but I have now lost the widget on both side completely and can’t seem to re add it to blogger even! HELP!

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  13. Ashley

    Thanks soooo much for sharing!!!

    I did this last night and it worked!!!

    I also linked back to it on my weekly roundup, Links Loved No. 7 @ Alizabet.com.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Heather Hightower

    This is so awesome… I’ve been trying to figure out how to add GFC to my wordpress blog for the longest and was considering switching to blogger b/c of this… can’t wait to try this out tonight.. I’ll let you know how it goes!!

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  16. Linda Leyble

    I am going to try this!! I hope it works. Thanks so much for your post. I had GoogleFReind Connect on my old Blogger blog and then I switched to a hosted WordPress blog and I only got a handful of those GFC poeple back.. Also – when I go to blogs on Blogger, I canlt follow them on GFC – because I am on WordPress.

    I have bookmarked this and I will let you know how it goes.




    PS – How is Feedcat? I have had Feedburner and I was told to get rid of it and have another RSS. This sounds great

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  18. Lexxie

    This is really a great tutorial. I have just written about this, and I have linked to your post. I have done it a little bit differently, as I had copied the complete javascript, but yours is a lot easier to follow.

  19. mariya_davis

    I can’t get it to work. I”m at the part where I have to add that code on Blogger, “Creating the Cheat”. It won’t let me save the template, it keeps saying error or something. Mine doesn’t have the extra */

  20. Johnny Chen

    Hi there, I’m stuck on the last step with the iframe widget. When I include my blogger page, it includes the entire blog, instead of just the area with the gfc. How did you get this to work?? thanks!

      1. Johnny Chen

        Thanks, are you talking about adding that to the widget iframe code (this doesn’t do anything) or the code to paste into the blogger template? Here is the link to my blogger page (with nothing on it besides the members area).just to make sure it looks like it’s supposed to.


          1. Ally // Digital Diva

            Hey honey. I’m still having a few problems – have I pasted the code into the right place in Blogger? I bet I haven’t :-)



            Blogger Template Style

            Name: Simple

            Designer: Josh Peterson

            URL: http://www.noaesthetic.com

            ———————————————– */


            #navbar-iframe {

            height: 0px;

            visibility: hidden;

            display: none;


            #Followers1 {

            position: fixed !important;

            top: 0px !important;

            left: 0px !important;

            height: 260px !important;

            width: 300px !important;

            background: white;


            #Followers1-wrapper {

            position: absolute;

            top: 0px;

            left: 0px;

            background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% white;



            /* Variable definitions

  21. Chloe (YA Booklover Blog)

    This is a really great tutorial, except since I already moved my blogger blog to WordPress, I can no longer download widgets on my blogger blog, and it deleted all of my previous widgets, so there’s no way for me to put the GFC widget on it because it doesn’t really exist anymore – in theory it’s still there, because I can edit it from the Blogger dashboard, but if I click to see it it just redirects me to my WordPress blog now. Is there still a way I can make this work?

      1. Chloe (YA Booklover Blog)

        The thing is, I can’t even add widgets, since my layout page where I would add widgets doesn’t exist anymore, it’s just a blank screen and the only thing I can change is the favicon :/

        1. Maryland

          So that's what the blank white spot is for!!! I saw that a couple days ago and thought, "well that's odd to have white spcau!&qeot; I love your Wordless Wednesdays!!

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    1. Miss Makeup Magpie


      #navbar-iframe {

      height: 0px;
      visibility: hidden;
      display: none;

      #Followers1 {
      position: fixed !important;
      top: 0px !important;
      left: 0px !important;
      height: 260px !important;
      width: 300px !important;
      background: white;

      #Followers1-wrapper {
      position: absolute;
      top: 0px;
      left: 0px;
      background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% white;


      */ #navbar-iframe {
      height: 0px;
      visibility: hidden;
      display: none;

      #Followers1 {
      position: fixed !important;
      top: 0px !important;
      left: 0px !important;
      height: 260px !important;
      width: 300px !important;
      background: white;

      #Followers1-wrapper {
      position: absolute;
      top: 0px;
      left: 0px;
      background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% white;
      } /*

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  24. Faye

    Hi! I sent you an email (Faye M @ The Social Potato) regarding help for this one >_< I can't seem to do it properly even if I follow the instructions step by step. :/ Was wondering if you received my inquiry? Thank you so much and more power!

        1. Faye

          Ok, I got the problem solved re: the feed, but now my problem is I can’t redirect it to my wordpress or else the widget won’t show anything, except an error page saying the page has been redirected to another. :/

          1. Miss drifted Snow White

            Hi Faye

            This tutorial won’t work if your blogger blog has been so manipulated that it redirects all traffic. This is why I don’t recommend people moving their blogger blogs to wordpress without any technical assistance.

            This issue will take a lot longer to solve to due my not knowing what was and wasnt done during the move.

            Your email still hasn’t come through – I’ve checked both my inbox and spam but nothing. please resend.

      1. Faye

        Anyway, my problem is when I do redirect my blogger to the new wordpress URL, what appears is this message that the blog is being redirected :/ Which is really weird :( And that the new feed isn’t appearing in the RSS feed for the blogger one. What do you think I could do to fix this?

        1. Lisette

          Faye–I’m just wondering if you ever got to figure this out. I paid someone to transfer me to WordPress and my blog is also being redirected.

          Did you get it to show up?

  25. Jessi Larie

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. A thousand thank you’s would never be enough! I switched to WordPress last month and my biggest issues was the loss of GFC. And for the past month it’s really been bothering me (I know numbers shouldn’t matter, but I worked hard for those followers darnit!). I’m so glad I found this tutorial!
    You rock!! <3

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  28. Think, Wonder, & Teach

    This is not working for me. Perhaps it’s too late in the year and blogger has changed the rules again? I cannot get the feedcat link to be accepeted by blogger. Any ideas?

  29. James

    Thank you so much, MDSW! Wonderful tutorial, works great… except I’m now having a problem redirecting from my Blogger site to WP. I used this WP plugin [http://wordpress.org/plugins/blogger-to-wordpress-redirection/]. By itself, it redirects just fine, but now it messes up GFC showing up on my WP site. Can you give me instructions on how you redirect?

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  31. Carla - La Torre di Cotone

    Hello! I just read this post and I’m really loving it. Before trying i’d like to ask a question and please forvige me if you’ve already answered the very same question, but there are so many comments over here I couldn’t find anything similar by myself. Anyway, would this hack be safe for my google account? I’m using adsense and I wont like to be banned or something for making a bad use of google tools.
    Thanks for your answer and your good work ;)

  32. Shari

    Please help me dear!
    I put this code:
    */ #navbar-iframe {
    height: 0px;
    visibility: hidden;
    display: none;

    #Followers1 {
    position: fixed !important;
    top: 0px !important;
    left: 0px !important;
    height: 260px !important;
    width: 300px !important;
    background: white;

    #Followers1-wrapper {
    position: absolute;
    top: 0px;
    left: 0px;
    background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% white;
    } /*

    And it says : bordercolor needs to be inputted. WEIRD

  33. Abby

    I have a quick question! Thanks for all of this btw! I am hosted on blogger now and blogger is redirecting to twistmepretty.com. If I move to wordpress does it redirect traffic? In which case, will it break all my pinterest links? And then if I add this GFC hack, and redirect… will I break my pinterest links? Thanks so much! It scares me so much to mess with redirects. Over a year ago I was getting 80,000 pageviews per DAY and I cleaned up my blog and changed the name, redirecting traffic to a new name. I lost all my traffic because all my pinterest links broke and I’m only at 10,000 a day. I’ll probably never get that traffic back! So sad!

  34. Astrid

    Hallo, ich hab gesehen, das Du in Deutschland aufgewachsen bist, deshalb schreibe ich Dir in Deutsch. Ich finde die Anleitung ganz toll, aber ich hänge bei Punkt drei und haffe, dass liegt nicht an der Sprache. Ich kann den HTML Editor öffnen, finde aber nit die Stelle(<![CDATA[/* */) um den Code einzufügen. Kannst Du mir helfen? LG, aus "Good old Germany" ;-)

          1. Astrid

            Leider scrollt es immer noch. Meine Sidebar ist nur 200px breit. Liegt es vielleicht daran? Obwohl ich schon versucht habe den iframe dementsprechend zu verkleinern. Ich steh gerade wirklich auf dem Schlauch. dabei funktioniert das so schön mit GFC jetzt. Ich bin total happy, bis auf diese Scrolleisten.

  35. Tina

    Hello, I´ve written you email yesterday but I´m not sure if you got it. I did every step as I should but I´m still having some issues with displaying GFC plugin on my wordpress site – It appears only like a excerpt of my homepage. Could you please help me with it? Thank you so much!

  36. Jen

    awesome tutorial! Thx a lot for it!~
    But it seems that I also had some kind of problems some people also mentioned already. Maybe you can help me :(

    The page is http://project-jbn.com
    The Problem: It is showing the whole blogger page in the widget instead of only the GFC thing :(

    Help is much appreciated!

    1. Katie

      Heyy! Don’t worry I found where to put the code in the blogger template.

      I finished all the steps in your tutorial but the GFC widget is not showing on my wordpress website. I tried adding */ and /* before and after to code in the blogger template html and now on my wordpress site it is saying “unable to resolve the servers DNS address” any idea what this means?


  37. Pimikochu

    This was incredibly to the point and insightful. I can’t stand google + and am so relived I can go back to the simplistic days of gfc haha.
    The blogging community owes you a big kudos. :D

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  39. Sanne

    Thank you so much for this. For me I had to put the last top: 0px; to -30px though, somehow it showed a 30px piece of my blogger background. (Just saying this for if other people have the same) ^^

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  42. Merrissa

    I honestly can’t thank you enough for this. I just implemented this feature onto my blog–I don’t have any ‘members/followers’ yet but I’m so glad I am able to offer a way for blogspot bloggers to follow my feed & interact. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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