Wishlist • September

Life has just been so freaking crazy. The job, which I absolutely freaking love, is busy, and I’m still not fully used to working full-time again and then I’ve been really trying to put myself out there and get a social life, because I’m tried of living in this beautiful city with so many awesome independent bars and not have anyone to go with.

So I’ve been incredibly exhausted. Literally there’s been days where I slept 10 hours.

And then there’s been personal stuff going on too, which I don’t wanna go into detail, but let’s just say I didn’t sleep much and cried a lot. But that SEEMS to be (for at least now) sorted. There’s still one major change coming my way this year in a few weeks, that again will most likely take my focus away from blogging. But from looking at other blogs at work for work, I’ve realised I’ve really been missing blogging!!! SO FINGERS CROSSED I’LL GET BACK INTO THE GAME!

As I’ve just bought the boy a round-trip to Paris to see his best mate and his favourite band because he’s missing their UK tour – due to a trip to freaking KENYA which he got because he was elected EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR and I felt really bad for him, plus he deserves to be treated :)

But that makes me wanna treat myself too haha.

Wish Item #1-5: Tickets & Flights for a Biffy Clyro Mini Tour

I think we’ve established by now that I can’t think of any better way of spending my time off from work than following bands around and going to their shows 340958039485039 times. I’ve gone to South France, Italy and Germany to do this for Muse this summer, I’ve gone across the UK and Germany for Take That, and so on. Now it’s Biffy Clyro time. I first saw them in 2005 in a small place with like 50 ish people, I cried when I saw them headline-close Reading this weekend. I’m so freaking proud and happy that I got to witness that an amazing band who works relentlessly (think 130 shows a year, and at least 1 interview if not 2 in between the shows) FINALLY get the success and recognition they deserve.

They’re going on their biggest European tour yet in November/December so I’m gonna go to Paris, then Dusseldorf, Hamburg & Berlin. 4 shows, 4 days, no sleep, awesome music. IT DOESNT GET BETTER THAN THAT. Not for me anyways. I’m super excited. So I’m wishlisting the flights and tickets hah. Does that count?

Want Item #6 – Hair Styler

I’ve been obsessed with my curls recently (I blogged about my latest holy grail curl defining product already), but I’ve wanting to invest in a proper curling tong too. I know it makes no sense what with me having so many curls and so much volume already, but I anyways want more, more, more.

And because I can afford it now, I have been less strict on my price range – I know, I know, I’ve always been saying that you can always get a cheaper option to something expensive, because there are so many products in a lower price range that do the same as the expensive ones BUT sometimes it’s just freaking nice to treat yourself with something pricey! So I’ve been eying the Hersheons Tourmaline Professional Waving Tong.

It’s a ridiculously priced at £110 (they have a blowdryer that’s £120 – WHO BUYS BLOWDRYERS FOR THAT PRICE???) but if we can splash out £100+ on a set of straighteners, why not be ok with paying that much for a curling tong, right? That’s how I see it. And like I said, I love my curls and my hair and it’s like the only feature of my body I really, really like.

Wish Item #7 – Dress

Then I’ve been looking at so many different dresses like the ones by Lipsy from Littlewoods, because of the Cosmo Blog Awards in October (I still can’t believe I got shortlisted – thank you so much for everyone who nominated and voted for me!!!!). Maybe you lovelies can help me? How is this dress for a Blog Award ceremony?

I mean I won’t even remotely look as smoking hot as her, but maybe I can pull it off? But then I think maybe it’s too saucy? Maybe I should wear a full-length dress?

AAahhhhhhhh I hate this, I panicked so much when I got the invite to the ceremony a few weeks back, especially when it said ‘Dress to Impress’ EEEKKKKKK! I bet I will end up feeling really awkward and hideous in comparison to the other stunning fashion and beauty bloggers (I always do, and no I’m not fishing for compliments lol) I might just throw in my towel and go in casual jeans & tee look hah.

Wish Item #8 – Shoes

I hate shoe shopping. It’s a pain because I think I have weird feet and I look awkward in heels but I should wear them because I’m so small. But most of the time I just wear some cheap, simple loafer style shoes (at the moment I’m switching between jelly shoes and canvas ones). But I’ve always wanted to get some Chucks, some Converse All Stars. But I look even more ridiculous with boots, so I can’t go for the oh-so-awesome high-tops. Low-tops it is.

And THEN I came across a Custom Converse website where a lovely girl named Jen customises Chucks with any design you want – she’s just so mad talented (and recently hit her 1000th order!) Every single pair is hand-made by her with precision and lots of love and so of course she rightly charges £90 for them! I know I will definitely have some from her, but I haven’t been able to decide on the design (maybe I’ll get the Little Prince tattoo design I’ve had in mind on the shoes instead of my body???)

So this is the kind of (ridiculous) stuff that I’ll be spending my latest paycheque on (unless someone talks some sense into me hah)

What are you adding to your wishlist for this month?


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8 Comments on “Wishlist • September

  1. Vicki

    I love Biffy Clyro – amazing live & I would love to travel around going to their gigs. What a dream that would be.

    How fun are those custom Converse!
    I hope everything is OK x

    1. Miss drifted Snow White

      Oh yay hello fellow BiffyClyro fan!!! You should come with me next time they tour – it’s so much fun, it’s honestly the best way to spend your money & holiday, you meet some amazing people along the way and at the end the band recognises you :)


    1. Miss drifted Snow White Post author

      i’ve just received my first pair of converse (not the custom made ones though sadly) and i gotta say even tho i have fat, wide feet they are perfect, so maybe converse, especially those custom made ones are worth a try? xxx


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