When A Dream Came True • Meeting Muse

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All by my freaking chance on an absolute off-chance. But the dream did come true.

Muse had put their summer stadium tour on a DVD and announced exclusive screenings across the world on 5th November, including Leicester Square. Of course I bought a ticket for that, with hopes that they would maybe attend that screening, what with it being Leicester Square – Mekkah of all premieres. But they had moved the location of the screening away from Leicester Square and my hopes died when I saw the picture on their Twitter, that Muse had gone to Paris by Eurostar.

After the premiere, I thought they might be on the last train back, but every single one of my friends in the Museland and myself were convinced they would stay in Paris – it’s freaking Paris after all. But what did I have to lose other than less than an hour waiting for the last Eurostar to pull into St Pancras International.

I was dying 10,000 deaths from nerves, my heart rate was insanely high, despite the fact that I was pretty sure they weren’t gonna be on that train. BUT SO THEY WERE. INSANE LUCK

I spotted Chris first though I was scanning every person for Dom’s hideously brassy blond hair. Got a right heart attack when it actually was Chris, cuz I just really didn’t expect them to actually be on the freaking train…

Went straight up to him and asked shyly hesitantly if he may have some time for a picture (OMG I was so nervous, I was about to pee my freaking pants lol) I somewhat felt bad and intrusive for bothering him, thinking he probably didn’t expect anyone to be waiting for him at St Pancras. So we both posed for the picture and then I’m like “do you reckon you have time for an autograph please?” and he nods and is still quiet and just observant with his biiiig beautiful eyes and so I get the ticket from the premiere out and he signs it.

So I thank him and turn away to leave and then suddenly spot some brassy yellow blond hair and recognise Dom and in the corner of my eye also Matt and see that they’re about to leave too, so I’m like “Dommmmm!” *cue puppy eyes* lol

He smiles his big grin and stops and I quickly shuffle over to him and Matt has stopped too and I ask again shyly if they have time for a picture and apologising for shaking like a crazy person.

Then Dom is like “of course” and throws his arm over my shoulder.

And then i died….

Like seriously, I was shaking already like a mad person, but my god, my brain just went blank….

So we’re posing for the picture, Dom, Matt and myself, and I’m dying a happy death with the weight of Dom’s arm on my shoulder and it hits me that I’m actually meeting all 3 guys in one go without any other fans around, which makes me shake even more, but I need to drag out this moment somehow.

So I ask if they possibly have time to sign something, and they say yes!! phew. moment of pure bliss prolonged.

I get the premiere ticket out with shaky hands as quickly as possible, because I don’t wanna keep them too long and become a burden, and Matt’s like “what the hell did you whack out so quickly??” so I explain that it’s the ticket from the premiere which gets him all giddy and excited and I can just stare into his beautiful eyes when he asks me how I found it!
Of course I said I loved it but then remembered how annoyed I was that Unsustainable, the song that the tour was named after, wasn’t on the DVD so I complain in the tone of a 4 year old “but but unsustaiinnnnableeeee why no unsustainaaable??” Matt and Dom just laugh at me and then I’m like “aaand why animals black and white?? the red and the green like was so amazing whyyy the black and white” and Matt says something about colour contrast (the footage was in black and white but the musos, the fake money that pyrotechnics shoot into the crowd at the end, which is coloured in but barely visible) but I’m still like “but the green and the red like omg it was like a visual climax the red and the green and the red” lol and they just laugh again (clearly sounding like a 4 year old works haha)

So then they’re done with signing my ticket and I can’t think of anything else to say or ask and I already sort of feel bad for keeping them and intruding their off-time so I thank them for their time and wish them a happy bonfire night…

Forever from now, I will remember, remember the 5th of November.


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10 Comments on “When A Dream Came True • Meeting Muse

  1. Stephanie

    Hahaha I like the ending! Well, I’m glad for you, you already met a lot of stars but your fav band is something! Chris is hot!

    I remember being starstruck at a dinner my offic ethrew out with David Suchet haha. I always liked Hercule Poirot!

  2. Annie

    Crikey I was actually having palpitations reading that, absolutely wonderful! LOVE Muse, so nice to hear what pleasant chaps they are too. Very envious! Annie.x


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