Mothers Day Gift Ideas • The Ultimate Last Minute Gift

mothers day gift ideas
You might think this is a super late post, but actually, for those who still haven’t gotten a gift for their mums, this is the ultimate gift:

Donate some money on her behalf to a charity that is close to her heart!

I have to give Lodz the credits for this, because he was going to do this for his mum (not as a last minute idea, he just came across something that he thought she’d like even better) but I really like the idea – as a general gift, but especially of course as a the ultimate last minute gift.

There are so many organisations that deserve our support, and what better way to support them by also making your mums happy, right?

Of course there are the big charities, that we all know and love, by why not pick a smaller one, one like Rethink, who look after people with mental illnesses, or a charity that is concerned with helping elderly people?

Charity Choice is worth having a browse through if you agree that this is a better gift idea than the mothers day gift ideas I shared in this post.

Please share this post or at least the idea!

Happy Mothers Day to all you amazing kick-ass moms out there!


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