Ibiza VIP Closing Party Competition

I normally don’t blog about competitions like this but my holiday was absolutely amazing and so I kinda wanna help someone else have an amazing holiday too.

I came across this competition from Jet2.com and I thought it’d be fun!

The prize is a VIP trip to Ibiza to this year’s closing parties, which is at the beginning of September. You and 3 friends get to stay at the party-legendary 5* Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Club for 7 nights and party all everywhere with a VIP pass!

All you gotta do is upload a picture of you & your friends to Jet2.com’s Facebook Page showing the logo below (you don’t even need to print it, showing it on your mobile is fine – as long as it’s in the picture it counts!).


The awesome thing is that you can submit as many pictures as you want, each counts as a new entry as long as you show the little picture above in the photo somehow!

The competition runs till 31st July so you still have time to enter (I actually found out about this competition because of my friend Emily spamming my FB with this competition LOL)

Good luck lovelies if you do enter!!


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