I love YOU!

Rather than declaring my undying love for Lodz I wanted to take today as an opportunity to tell you all who read this blog that I irrevocably love you. At the risk of sounding ultra corny (screw it, I don’t care!), I cannot fathom my life without you. All of you who’ve ever left a comment, or tweeted or emailed me, who bothered to come back and those who’ve just stumbled across this website. I love you.

You all have made such a difference in my life like you wouldn’t believe. Me wearing shorts or skirts with confidence? Wouldn’t have happened without your encouragement. I still grateful happy tears when I think back to all your loving and supportive comments on the post where I got my legs out.

So yeah, THANK YOU from the bottom of my little heart. Thank you for your love, your care, your comments, your thoughts, your arguments. You’re making me a better person.

I wish you all a fabulous Valentine’s Day.

PS I love you (Robin Scherbatski style!)


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