Holidays In Austria // My Great-Nephew’s Christening

Holidays in Austria 03

Those who follow me on Instagram (@MsDriftedSW) or who saw my last weekly round-up / InstaWeek post from Sunday or my outfit post from Wednesday, will know this already, but I was in Austria to see my great-nephew’s christening and to visit my niece and husband and generally get away for a bit.

As with all holidays of course it was way too short and lots of crying and not-wanting-to-leave thoughts ensued. I can’t wait to go back to see them in 6 weeks when Lodz and I fly out to Vienna to see Muse live.

Holidays in Austria 01

It’s still weird to think of my niece, my niece as mum. She’s only 4 years younger than me! But that baby had been in the making for a looong time; I mean she’d been with her now-husband for 7 years before they even got married and they had a B&B together. It’s just scary to see her being even more grown-up than me, I guess!

But that my brother is a grandpa is just as freaking weird. I’m not even a mum yet, and he’s a grandpa already. Weird!!

Holidays in Austria 02Holidays in Austria 04Holidays in Austria 05

It was so amazing to see my parents again as well. Last time I saw them I was working at a summer school looking after Italian school kids working 50 hours a week. Plus with my graduation, it was stressful and emotional as it was.

This time I actually got to spend a lot of time with them. I taught my dad loads of things he can do with his iPhone and showed my mum Sky Maps (she loves star gazing so this app will be her new best friend).

And I got a proper fashion-mag style shot of my mum. Isn’t she gorgeous? Can’t believe she’s turning 64 in only 3 and a bit months!

Holidays in Austria 06

Elias is such a cutie pie. Regardless of whether I think my niece and her husband had him too soon (they’d only been married for a month when she discovered she was pregnant), he is a happy, strong, healthy baby. My niece has grown into the role of mum brilliantly, despite the fact that she’s also taking care of a 5 rooms B&B on her own, while her husband has to commute an hour each way to work and then has to work on their new home.

Holidays in Austria 07Holidays in Austria 08Holidays in Austria 09Holidays in Austria 10

Holidays in Austria 12

4 generations in 1 picture: great-grandparents, grandparents, parents and child

For Elias’ christening, I got to do my niece’s makeup and hair with a hair-do I had never done before and I got to be the “official” photographer. What do you guys think of the pictures?

As it’s tradition in Austria, for festivities, girls wear a “dirndl” dress, so of course I had to at least try one on as well (not that I would ever really wear one ‘cause I actually find them rather silly)… My niece picked the dirndl I tried:

Holidays in Austria 11

Say hello to me in a wedding dirndl! Not the kind of outfit I’d pick for a wedding, that’s for sure, but also not as horrible as I thought it would be!

Have you ever been to Austria?
Have you ever tried on a dirndl?
Would you wear one for festivities?


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10 Comments on “Holidays In Austria // My Great-Nephew’s Christening

  1. Aysh

    So it would appear I've been following you on twitter for yonks but wasn't even following your blog! What the?! Rectified that now ;) Awww such lovely pics Maria! What a beautiful family you are :) Sounds like it was a wonderful trip. Was awesome finally meeting you yesterday hun! Hopefully we'll get to meet again soon!Aysh xoxo

    1. Miss drifted Snow Wh

      Right back at cha babes! LOOOVELY to meet you! And as I said, you should totally go into fashion blogging – you have the style for it!!Glad you're following me now, I'll go follow your blog now as well ♥


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