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IMG_9019 When it comes to shopping I’m a true German, like I fulfil the stereotype fully. I’m stingy as hell! If I can have an item that looks the same but is half the price I’ll have that. Out of season? Don’t care! It’s half price!!

But bargain hunting is obviously really time consuming, which as an impatient person does just NOT work for me ;) Where can I hunt best without having run around like a mad person? Westfield Stratford of course. It’s really become my new shopping mekka. It’s so much more relaxed than say having to go to Oxford Street (kill me now!)

So when I went there yday to buy myself a new DSLR (post coming soon!), which was one of my items from my 2013 Wishlist, I also went bargain hunting!


01 + 02 » H&M Black & Brown Faux Fur Stoles – I wanted some all winter long, but they were just too pricey for my liking. Now they were £5 a pop, so more than half-price. £10

03 » H&M Mermaid Box Bag – I love these bags. Not that I go out much to have any reason to have these bags, but WHEN, well THEN I’ll be ready! £5

04 » Primark White Long Blazer – I was looking for some cheap fine socks in Primark ‘cause my new shoes were rubbing and as I walked in I spotted this and it was love as first sight! £25 for a stunner like this. Totally forgot about the socks of course haha

05 » H&M Green Trousers – I’m trying to get away from black more and more. If you looked into my wardrobe, you wouldn’t see many black items. But jeans and trousers I rarely buy in other colours than dark denim or black. Tried these dark green trousers on and they made my ass look so nice, I couldn’t not have them ;)

Do you love bargain hunting like me that you accept buying things that aren’t on season anymore in the hope they’ll come back in a year’s time?



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