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I’m really, really, REALLY bad at making food. Seriously, in my 2nd year I literally lived off pot noodles (Asda 8p noodles baby! lol) and microwavable food. I kid you not. In final year I didn’t use the kitchen in my shared flat for 8 months and lived off sandwiches, sweets and pub grub.

Also, I don’t really need to. I got Lodz who loves cooking and is really freaking good at it. The other week he left me for 3 days – I tried cooking and ended up stabbing myself badly in my hand. I’d be lost without him, I can’t feed myself.

But I have discovered my love for making cupcakes.

_Baking Experiments (19)The dough was pretty standard (plus lemon flavour) and the frosting was a yellow & pink marbled strawberries & lemon buttercream frosting.

The flowers were made out of white rolling ice using little flower shapes from Lakeland and a clean Q-Tip to dot the yellow food colouring into the middle to make it look like daisies!

Turns out piping is harder than I thought too, I basically sucked at it but practice makes perfect, right?

_Baking Experiments (90)These were my 2nd batch, experimenting with the new flavours that Lodz & I had bought and the new pattern thing.

So for the dough I used a standard recipe and added champagne flavour. It smelled so good, but it wasn’t actually that great. And the dough came out a bit on the dry side.

For the topping I used the blue and yellow rolling ice and my little pattern maker! Again, I couldn’t quite work out the right thickness for the rolling ice and rather than getting a green topping I wanted to get a yellow-blue marbled effect.

I have to say I didn’t expect to have to use so much rolling ice for the 12 cupcakes I made! Not impressed!

_Baking Experiments (104)Now these I was really, really happy with (so much so that I ended up eating like 8 of the batch of 12 LOL)

The dough was again quite standard but I added some vanilla flavour to it. And then the topping was just a pink cherry flavoured glaze plus some sugar flowers and sprinkles. Simple and easy and surprisingly good!

I had never made a glaze before, but it’s so super simple that I think this might become my preferred way of decorating cupcakes!

Baking Experiments (01)

Over the weekend my friend Helen and I tried doing some chocolate cupcakes but we failed and decided to drink instead!

But I tried again using mini marshmellows. But again the chocolate & almond cupcakes collapsed and the marshmellow just kind of disappeared. And the cherry and lemon buttercream frosting just came out too sweet :( Decorated with some sugar flowers and pink sprinkles.

So yeah at the moment my cupcakes (and my food photography) are so hit and miss! I definitely wanna continue!

Maybe you guys can tell me what kinds of cupcakes I should try making?

Let me know what cupcakes I should make next!


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8 Comments on “Baking Experiments • Cupcakes

  1. Jen

    They all look so delicious! Loving the quilted effect in the third pic. I like to ice cupcakes with sherbet buttercream. Just chuck a couple of those dip dab packets into a regular buttercream mix… even better with a bit of alcohol in too :) Cherry Sourz works well!


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