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I’m not sure how this is going to go down with you lovelies, but I want to write about music a bit more in the future, because, well it’s a massive part of my life my life. I know, I know, lots of people say things, not that I wanna call it lies, but for me, music is just on a higher level.

It’s always been that way though. My dad, my late uncle, my oldest brother, his wife, and my youngest brother – they are all professional musicians. Self-employed, making a living just with their music kind of way! And my middle brother DJs on the side. And then there is my mum and I who when we were little where rhythmic and acrobatic gymnasts competing on regional, national and even international level. Music has always been part of my life, to a much more extreme.

Example 1: There’s a picture of my learning how to walk. Outside a bar. And apparently I spent hours sleeping behind the bar as well while my parents helped out serving beers. When you know me and you read this, it explains a lot.

Example 2: Ever since I was 13, one of my biggest hobbies is getting close to my favourite bands. I followed the Backstreet Boys, Nsync, and other bands with my mum to so many shows, spending countless nights and day queuing for shows and/or trying to meet them before/after shows (check out my bragging post hah)

Example 3: This year, I flew abroad twice to see Muse in France/Italy/Germany and I’m planning a little mini tour with Biffy Clyro (I even mentioned it in my last wishlist post hah!)

I’m constantly falling in love with “new” bands, them all literally battling over the status as my favourite band. One day it’s Muse. Then it’s Biffy Clyro. Then it’s Muse again. Oh, don’t forget Foo Fighters. And then throw Queens of the Stone Age or Arctic Monkeys (my latest love) into the mix. Sometimes Incubus or Fleetwood Mac get added to the mix.

But anything goes.

Well, ok, so I do have a taste in a specific type of music – that’s pretty obvious from that selection of bands. But then any music that can make me feel will get a chance to claim the musical throne of my heart.

Chopin? Yup, love his nocturnes. Take That? God yes, did you know I’ve met them (well, Mark Owen and Howard Donald). Knife Party / Pendulum / Prodigy / Skrillex / Skream? Where’s the next moshpit!!!

But then I’m not a music fanatic. I can’t keep up. I got lost when all those The-bands came out who to me all sounded the same and I couldn’t keep them apart anymore. I still can’t keep up. The Lumineers? Foals? Mumford and Sons? Tom Odell? Jake Brugg? The 1975? Besides having heard of them, I have next to no clue. If they’re good, they will eventually make it in my book.

It hurts my heart every time when there’s a musician on stage that no-one pays attention to. And it makes my heart smile (and often actually makes me cry) when an artist I’ve known for a long while (like Biffy Clyro, I’ve been a fan since 2005 where I saw them in 2 small 50 ppl type gigs) finally make it to the top of the charts, headlining some of the biggest festivals in the world.

If I had to pick one sense to keep and one to lose between sight and hearing, I would keep hearing any time. For the peace and quiet in my head would drive me mad. A lot of people say they can’t live without music. But I really, really couldn’t

Music has changed and saved my life ACTIVELY multiple times.

What does music mean to you?


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2 Comments on “Music • It’s My Life

  1. Kylie

    Wow you are a dedicated music fan Ms Maria. Do the acts get annoyed with being followed about though? Music means a hell of a lot to me too. Like with everything I have eclectic tastes :) I have done Singing lessons, stage coach, studied musical theatre from a young age until 18. Mother spent a small fortune and I didn’t even do anything with it haha. xx

    1. Miss drifted Snow White Post author

      I don’t think bands get annoyed, it’s not like I’m a groupie sleeping or waiting outside their hotels or anything, or chasing them around haha I just go to their gigs a lot. I think they definitely struggle with understanding why we hardcore fans do it but from what I’ve heard, they just appreciate the support. It’s often those crazy fans that help them be promoted and spread the word etc.

      Love the fact you did so much music stuff too, I sang when I was little and I learnt to play the flute, but that’s pretty much it. I’m tone-deaf it turns out hahahah


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