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Although I’m going on holiday part 2 today, I’m still totally dreaming about my holiday in Turin, Italy (I will soon share some pictures of the holiday too, I didn’t just see Muse 3x and pose for outfit pictures, Dany and I actually did stuff too haha, despite how it looks!)

But as I’m hopefully going to do some outfit shoots in Berlin as well and things I should be blogging are backing up to ridiculous amounts, I quickly wanted to show you the 2nd outfit that we photographed just after we checked in and got over awing at the beautiful view of Turin that we had from our room!

I absolutely loved Turin, all 4 days there was glorious sunshine (have you seen my sunburn?? It didnt hurt at all thanks to SPF50!!) and we met some fantastic people including Stefano, Daniele and Luca, who were super sweet and kept myself and Dany entertained after the doors opened the first Muse day. They tried to teach me apparently the hardest card game in Italian and I was like ????? LOL But they were super sweet and I would now consider them friends ♥

The letting in was not so fun (trust me, you don;t wanna know – let’s just say the shit that went down before doors opened would NEVER happen in the UK not in a million years, thank fuck for health & safety laws!)

Sorry I digress. Anyways, Turin was glorious and absolutely not what I expected, and it caught me off-guard and now I’m all in love with Turin and I wanna go back, with or without Muse lol!

Outfit Torino Ti Amo Molto (12) Outfit Torino Ti Amo Molto (17)

Skirt: Primark // Blouse: Little Mistress * // Shoes: Ever Ours // Bag: New Look // Sunnies: H&M [My Mum ♥] // Earrings: Forever 21

I absolutely love that blouse that Little Mistress sent me. The detailing is absolutely gorgeous with its golden threading going through it. The blouse actually is quite long, especially at the back. It’s one of those dip-hem blouses, but it would’ve looked stupid on me. Maybe paired with some denim shorts? But then I would’ve been paranoid about my legs. So this combo works for me, I just had to make sure that the dip hem doesn’t peek through under the skirt lol.

May I also just say, I fooking love my hair colour in these photos!!! I didn’t photoshop these pictures at all, so the hair is really just that freaking bright. It’s the only colour I’ve stayed with for longer than 2 years and I can’t see myself moving away from it any time soon! In fact, I just topped it up to make sure I look good in Berlin ;)


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