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Dress: Showpo aka Show Pony* | Shoes: ASOS | Bag: eBay | Coat: eBay | Earrings: Forever 21 | Tights: Primark

I’m baaaack!!! OMG Berlin was absolutely insanely amazing – 4 full-on days of interviews, meetings, meet-ups, drinks and falling in and out of and back in love with Berlin… AND I MET CHRIS HEMSWORTH (and Natalie Portman and also saw Tom Hiddleston)!!!!

There’s no words to describe how gorgeous, stunning and charming this man is ♥ It was the perfect ending to my trip to Berlin, that’s for sure!!

I’m super exhausted now though, so I’ll do 1-2 Travel Diary type posts later this week I hope if you guys are interested.

Team Thor or Loki’s Army?

Auf deutsch, bitte!!

Ich bin wieder daaaa! OHMEINGOTT Berlin war echt total der Oberhammer – 4 Tage, die voellig dicht waren voll mit Bewerbungsgespraechen, Meetings, Treffen, Weggehen und ueber Berlin schwaermen, meckern und noch mehr schwaermen … UND ICH HABE CHRIS HEMSWORTH GETROFFEN (und Natalie Portman und hab auch Tom Hiddleston gesehen)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ich kann’s einfach nicht in Worte fassen, wie schoen, atemberaubend und charmant dieser man ist ♥ Was ein perfektes Ende von meinem Berlin-Trip, wa?

Ich bin jetzt echt fertig und krass muede, also werde ich spaater diese Woche 1-2 Reiseberichte schreiben, falls euch das interessiert.

Team Thor oder Loki’s Armee?


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11 Comments on “Outfit • Tired Of Fighting Yourself

  1. Catherine

    I love your English/German posts, I test myself by reading the German first then fill in the gaps with the English! Deutsch has not completely gone from my brain…
    Can’t wait for your Berlin recaps!

    1. Miss drifted Snow White Post author

      oh yay im so glad you like the posts being bilingual!! so exciting :) i tried doing it at the beginning, but i just wasnt sure. do you think i should name the posts german & english as well or leave the titles in english and then just write the text bilingual?

      how you getting on then with the german? do you find you have gaps or does it mostly make sense? i write quite colloquial german mind you so dont worry if you struggle ♥


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