Outfit • Leather x Red Velvet

Outfit - Leather x Red Velvet (02) Outfit - Leather x Red Velvet (03) Outfit - Leather x Red Velvet (04)

Jacket: Dorothy Perkins | Jumper: Glamorous * | Skirt: Fashion Union * | Boots: New Look | Bag: Miss Selfridge

Lodz and I were in the beautiful, artsy Northern Quarter last weekend, sipping away on fancy foreign tea and munching some ma-hu-ssive scones and went for a walk after throughout the area, which as of now is my favourite part of this amazing city that is Manchester ♥ I wanna write so much more about this town, because I’ve seriously fallen in love with this place.

When I first moved to the UK, my heart was taken by storm by Cambridge and I’ve had a deep emotional connection to that town for years and never thought anything could ever push it off its pedestal in my heart of favourite cities. Berlin and Paris tried hard, but only ended up follow-uppers.

Now there’s Manchester – a place that for 2 out of the last 2.5 years I was rallying against moving to (Lodz got a job here in 2011) – and I absolutely loveLoveLOVE this town. ♥

I leave you with a pretty picture of the sky during sunset :)

Outfit - Leather x Red Velvet (05)


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    1. Miss drifted Snow White Post author

      i used to take my pictures on a tripod yeah – if you look at the outfit pictures from roughly a year ago, most of them were done on a tripod with a wireless remote :D but now ive trained my boy to take pretty pictures ;)


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