Outfit • Groovy Wear for Fiat 500


Body: Glamorous * — Skirt: Primark — Hat: OMG Fashion * — Shoes: Oxygen Boutique — Bag: New Look

The other day I told you about the collaboration / style challenge I did with Fiat 500 and their A/W campaign and showed you the outfits that I styled for that and said I would show you the outfits in more detail, so here we are.

This was the Groovy Wear outfit that i really struggled with. I couldnt really think of what the name was supposed to mean. Maybe edgy? Maybe 60/70s? So I went for sort of different and edgy, ish.

glamorous sent me the stripy body months ago, but I could just never think of how to build it into an outfit – it’s not my everyday kind of wear after all, even if I like experimenting with clothes. But when I decided on my interpretation of “groovy” this was the first item I picked, because it just stands out in my wardrobe. Coupled with that leather skirt (I tried it with a burgundy velvet skater skirt too, which worked as well) and those eeeeepic boots, the unusual see-through bag and the cute hat I thought it makes a good “different, edgy” outfit.

What do you think? Is this ‘groovy’? How would you style a “groovy wear” outfit?


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