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Outfit I Swam In The Med!!! (02)Outfit I Swam In The Med!!! (01)Outfit I Swam In The Med!!! (04)Outfit I Swam In The Med!!! (05)

Have you ever cried on a plane during landing? I did on Sunday night because it meant that my holiday with my friend Dany and the really more than perfect 5 days in France & Italy and Muse were finally over.

They really could’ve not been more perfect. Despite the hot weather, the hours of waiting, the crazy moments when the doors opened and the mad (sometimes ridiculously long) runs to the barrier, Dany & I always got front row, always had a great view, fantastic setlists. We got to see the Alps and the Med (if you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen the pictures of my mad dash into the Med fully clothed lol), we got to see Nice. Monaco as well, even went through the famous tunnel that’s part of the F1 race there. In Turin we met three amazingly sweet Italian boys who we now consider friends despite some language barrier.

We even had time to do two outfit posts, so here’s my favourite one. I’ve never seen water so blue and clear. It was just stunning. I could’ve sat by that sea and thought and splashed around for hours, but we didn’t have time for that (Turin was calling!)

Outfit I Swam In The Med!!! (06)

Top & Skorts: Primark // Vest: H&M // Sunnies: H&M (My Mummy ♥) // Hat: OMG Fashion * // Earrings: Forever 21 // Bag: New Look

Also, how cute is that bowler hat with ears from OMG Fashion, they kindly sent me? I absolutely love it! Down in South France and in Italy I got numerous looks for it (or maybe it was my bright hair or my shoes lol) but I absolutely love it! It matches my quirky personality so much. You know what I’m like, if not bright colours, it’s gotta be something a tad different :)

Here’s a shot of me running into the waves!

Outfit I Swam In The Med!!! (04) Outfit I Swam In The Med!!! (06) Outfit I Swam In The Med!!! (08)

I can only say thank you to Lodz for pre-funding the flights, hotel & tickets booking and Dany for being an absolutely perfectly, equally crazy-ass fan as myself!


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  1. Jû rock-or-not

    Thank you ^^
    I don”t comment often because of work and the large number of blogs I follow, but I read it !
    It’s true I feel lucky to live here, it’s pretty and we are safe from all the weathers!


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