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So on 2nd July I started my job, which I’ve already fallen in love with because the people are freaking wicked (one of my two bosses cycles around on a bike *in* the office lol the other one just randomly brought his beautiful baby daughter in; oh and a colleague was picking the ring to propose to his gf and I tried to talk him into getting one of these black diamond rings from Front Jewelers hah) and I get to do stuff that I’m really good at and what I love doing like programming and writing and social media and all sort of other random shit.

Within this month it’s been pointed out numerous times how German I am haha apparently I’m uber-efficient – probably one of THE TRUEST STEREOTYPES about Germans ever hah.

But obviously one of the big parts of working besides the fun and games and the people who become part of your life in so many different, work-unrelated ways is the money. I mean, who doesn’t like getting a pay cheque at the end of the month, right? If there’s someone like that, that person is probably quite a loner in that hah.

So I got paid on 1st August and I’ve been going a wee bit crazy with it all. WHO NEEDS MONEY, RIGHT? MONEY, GET OUT OF MY ACCOUNT

I was gonna be a good girl (lol, right) and save like half of it because I wanted to go to the US in September but then I found that I can’t because of work (how ironic, I finally have money but no time to go on holiday hah) so I was like FUCK IT LETS SPEND IT ALL,

So I did. Well, almost.

Ooops [sorrynotsorry]

So what I’ve bought so far // besides various copious amounts of drinks and other random shit like 5 packs of my favourite hair dye Paprika Power {some of this isnt even on the picture, because I forgot to put it on the pile or some stuff hasn’t been delivered yet}

Can you tell a trend there? Actually, the two trends? Wait, no, there’s 3! Oh nevermind haha.

But despite all of this throwing money at things, I still have some left (not that I’m complaining!), so I was perving over the various things above while I was ill with a stomach virus (and I might have given into the temptation of playing in an online casino too. Oooooops),

Also I’ve been thinking of getting my 2nd tongue piercing redone (because why the fuck not, right?), the only issue is that the tongue does swell up for like about a week and you feel like you have muscle ache in your tongue and the first time I had the 2nd bar in, I was drooling and lisping like hell ohhh I was so entertaining hahah so I’m like really wanna get it done, but then when do I have 5 days to myself where I can go into hiding? Maybe I just need to get a different piercing instead…

Oh and I’ve FINALLY decided on what I’m going to get done as tattoo. Like, in 2004, I hit rock bottom very very hard and I designed a tattoo to remind me to never every become that person ever again. It was going to go onto the inside of my wrist so I would see it ever day. But then I realised that I don’t need a physical reminder. That night has so fundamentally changed who I am that I won’t ever become that person again.

So I let go of that idea but I’ve still been toying with getting a tattoo done regardless. But the 1 million dollar question has always been the design. With piercings, they’re not permanent. I’ve had many piercings that I just removed when I didn’t like them anymore (there’s two that I’m now regretting removing). They aren’t permanent. But tattoos are (well no, they aren’t but removing a piercing is a lot simpler than a tattoo) so you gotta make sure the motif you pick/design will remain applicable in the way you intend it to be. Who knows who you will be in 10 or even 5 years time, right?

But I *think* I’ve picked my design (not that huge though and not in that place, though I’m not sure where):

If you don’t know who The Little Prince is, *please* do yourself the favour of reading the book (and thank me later ;) )


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5 Comments on “Haul • 1st Pay Cheque

  1. Danni

    I’ve just started a new job, and I can’t wait to spend my first pay check! Is it bad that I’ve already mentally spent it… :D

  2. Blooming Beauty Rings

    No-one can blame you for wanting to buy a few nice clothes with your first paycheck!! ;). I love the tattoo. It looks very inspirational and I love the colors. I also agree with the location. I hope it goes very well for you!


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