Review • Reiss Grey Flower Perfume

Review Reiss Grey Flower Perfume (1)

When I think of Reiss I think of clean cut lines, a lot of black and white and elegance. In my head it’s very close to Zara‘s feel – grown-up sleek chic but more expensive.

It doesn’t certainly make me think of girly, whimsical femininity and so I was quite surprised when Reiss announced a women’s fragrance (along with their men’s fragrance) – for me it would’ve made more sense for them to do a unisex perfume.

So when I then received the Reiss Grey Flower * perfume, I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t find the scent being very playful, floral, sweet or in any other way feminine. Not that it’s a straight-forward typically mens scent, but I let the boy smell the fragrance and he loved it, which in my head makes the Grey Flower a lot more unisex/masculine than for women.

Review Reiss Grey Flower Perfume (2)

I do like the packaging, though it obviously demands immediate polishing after use! It looks very luxurious, but also reminds me of the Paco Rabbane Million fragrances – though that’s not a bad thing necessarily!

The fragrance is said to be “a seductive, mysterious and deeply addictive fragrance” with its mix of armoise, pimento berry, sequoia wood, jasmine noir, cocoa leaf, skin musks, olibanum, amber crystals, patchouli and baies. It’s certainly an interesting combination of unusual ingredients, but it makes it quite a strong, heavy headache-inducing-for-me fragrance.

But then I do like my fragrances very girly – I wrote about my favourite [spring] perfumes months ago and every single one of them is very much staples in the women’s section of any perfume shop!

Have you tried this perfume? Do you prefer unusual scents or girly ones?


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6 Comments on “Review • Reiss Grey Flower Perfume

  1. Ashleigh

    Oooh I would probably love this. I don’t like floral or fruity perfumes, they ha e to be heady and a little bit 80s for me to get on with them (my faves are Dior Poison and Guerlain Shalimar) – failing that I just steal husband’s cologne! Lol. Might have to check this out!

      1. Ruth

        I would love to buy this grey flower perfume fom you as I cannot find it anywhere. Please let me know how much you are ASKIng for it and if it is still for sale.

  2. tracy grayson

    Hi.. iv been googling reiss grey flower as I am after getting some. I too love heavy scents. Has anybody took claim to your unwanted bottle as I would GLADLY take it off your hands….


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