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Review Michael Kors Beauty Dame Lip Lacquer (1)

For the last couple of weeks, the beauty world has been buzzing about one of the biggest announcements in recent years (forget the collaborations of x-celebrity with y-brand a la MAC and whatsherface) - Michael Kors, fashion designer extraordinaire, has made his move into the beauty industry. And what a move it’s been! The main collection of Michael‘s beauty range is of course the makeup and perfumes, which has been organised into 3 sub-collections: Sport, Sexy and Glam. So each consists of 1 lip lacquer, 1 lipgloss, 1 bronzer and 3 nail polishes.

The lip lacquer that I got to try and review is Dame from the Glam collection, which is for me all about the seductive what with its dark plum, browns and violets.

But while the Dame lip lacquer looks like quite a full-on dark, perfectly autumn/winter-ly colour, it’s not full-on at all. It’s glossy, sheen and sheer, and super moisturising! The colour builds up great for when you want it a bit more opaque, though the colour itself doesn’t apply super opaque even when you layer and layer and layer. But I quite like that. I’ve always wondered why someone would want a sheer type lipstick and now I know why. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a bit of colour without going all out!

Review Michael Kors Beauty Dame Lip Lacquer (2)

Dame Lip Lacquer by Michael Kors * – £23

I do think though that £23 is quite a lot of money for my liking. I buy the majority of lipsticks I own on the high-street so I normally don’t spend more than £10ish on a lippie. Being asked to spend more than twice that is quite hefty! BUT the lipstick is gorgeous, super moisturising and the packaging is divine (even if it demands a polish after ever fumble!)

The Dame lip lacquer and the rest of Michael Kors’ beauty range are now available from selected House of Fraser stores (but the fragrances are available nationwide!)


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9 Comments on “Review • Michael Kors Dame Lip Lacquer

  1. Lois

    I would have thought the color is much deeper on the lips, like the lipstick. I’m looking for such a color for this fall :D
    Love Lois xxx


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