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Review Birchbox UK June 2013 (01)

I always like checking out new subscription boxes, even when they are sometimes painfully disappointing, like this box that I reviewed last week.

But I’m excited to bring you my review of the Birchbox UK June 2013 box, which is going to be positive for a change! HURRAH!

The June box from Birchbox UK is all about festival and holidays. With Glasto around the corner and the main holiday season beginning this month they wanted to bring us little useful products that will make life easier while we’re traveling.

Review Birchbox UK June 2013 (04)

So this box includes:

  1. Noble Isle – Willow Song Bath & Shower Gel (30ml) — £20 full-size
  2. Beauty Protector – Protect & Detangle Leave-In Conditioner (50ml) — £15 full-size
  3. Coola – Classic Organic Sunscreen SPF30 Cucumber (7ml) — £26 full-size
  4. Color Club – 2x Nail Polishes (I got Reign in Spain twice) — £10 each
  5. Wild Trail – Wholegrain Bar (I got Cranberry & Raspberry) — £1
  6. Model Co – Black Pencil Eyeliner with built-in sharpener — £14

Review Birchbox UK June 2013 (06)

I really like the composition of this box and it comes perfectly timed for my holiday to Nice and Turin next week, so all of these babies (well not the nail polishes and I’ve already eaten the Wild Trail bar LOL) will come with me :)

Maybe instead of that wholegrain bar or the 2nd nail polish, maybe a little bottle of makeup remover, a little deodorant or toothpaste would’ve made more sense, for traveling and all that.

But for £10 + p&p of £2.50 I think this is a really, really well thought-out little box and THIS ONE I can definitely recommend. this beauty box!

What do you think? Do you subscribe to Birchbox UK?


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4 Comments on “Review • Birchbox UK June 2013

  1. Mara

    I’ve heard good things about the Model Co eyeliners, lucky! It’s too bad they gave you two of the same nail varnish colours, but maybe you’ll love it.. xx


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