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With the UK finally moving into warmer days (which hopefully will last longer!) most of us will want to have a nice glowing looking skin, so I thought I put together a little ‘Radiant Skin’ series, that will feature highlighters, blushers & bronzers and foundations & tinted moisturizers. So let’s kick off with highlighters – which I try to wear everyday, so I guess this might be useful all year round!

Jemma Kidd Mannequin Skin Brightener & Concealer Duo *
This unfortunately discontinued highlighter & concealer duo by Jemma Kidd has a cream lighlighter with a beautiful silvery finish. People have likened it to Benefit’s High Beam so maybe that’d be a nice alternative? I can’t say whether they’re dupes because I haven’t gotten that Benefit highlighter anymore. £11

Accessorize Baked Bronzer {Golden Sand}
This is a beautifully affordable powder highlighter with a nice golden finish. This goes nicely with tanned skin, which I’m sure many of us will get – whether in a fake way or not. £6

Benefit Girl Meet Pearls
This is probably my most used daily type highlighter. With its creamy texture, I apply it right after applying foundation before I occasionally set it with powder afterwards, which of course makes it a bit less glowing. It has a nice rose-golden finish, so it’s even better if you’re wearing a rose coloured blush. £24.50

Benefit Sun Beam *
If you’re nicely tanned, whether through fake tan products or lots of sun, this will go really nicely with that and make you just look even more glowing with its golden finish. As I don’t really wear fake tan products or tan with the lack of sun, I’ve not worn this much, but I did last summer. A LOT. £19.50

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid {Sunkissed}
This is probably the most coveted highlighter and it hurt a lot to spend that much money on a highlighter, but it is SO GOOD. This one probably inspired Benefit for their Sun Beam, so I’d say these are proper dupes of one another, right down to texture and gold finish. £31

Elizabeth Arden Rose Illumination
Oh my beloved rose gold highlighter. I’ve blogged about this baby so much in the past, so it should actually be a lot higher up in this list (not that this list is in any particular order of preference though!). I cried when my first one broke, I kid you not. It’s that beautiful and because it is a discontinued limited edition from the EA SS12 collection, I was over the moon to find a Debenhams that had one spare (and going for half price too!). I often actually wear this as a blusher haha. £19.55

Benefit Fine One One *
Despite the fact that the highlighter part of this triple power product is pink, the finish is actually golden – maybe it’s a combo of Benefit’s High Beam and Moon Beam? It’s really lovely and actually goes really nicely with the two cream blusher colours that are part of this 3-in-1 item, but because of its triple combo it’s sometimes really hard to use this if you don’t want to wear the blusher(s). £23.50


What are your go-to highlighters? Anything I should try?


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