Favourite Spring Perfumes

Favourite Perfumes

For the longest time I’ve been meaning to share my favourite perfumes with you, but I just never got around to it. But I swear this draft has been in my drafts for more than ONE YEAR. I kid you not.

Reason why I finally decided to blog about it, is because I’ve come to the end of my most favourite perfumes that I’ve been repurchasing for over 10 years (again, I kid you not!) – the Laura Biagiotti Laura perfume.

I remember my mum getting this Laura perfume in the mid nighties when it came out and I think my love for this perfume stems from my mum smelling like that like a mix of a light, watery (=fresh) mix of melon, waterlily and lotus flower. It’s a really unique fragrance. And unfortunately really, really hard to come by now, so I don’t wear it that much anymore. Only on special occasions.

The next fragrance that I wear super often is my beloved D&G L’Imperatrice, which I got 2 years ago in Paris. Again its a light, watery, fresh scent with lots of fruity hints like kiwi and watermelon without being overpoweringly sweet or synthetic.

If I don’t reach for the D&G for the day time I reach to either the DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom scent, which is yet another light, fresh scent, whereas my next alternatives of the Escada Especially Escada fragrance and the L’Occitane Pivoine Flora are both heavier, more intense floral scents.

In case you’re wondering what the Davidoff Echo is doing in my favourites – this is Lodz’s smell and when we first got together I was staying in Germany for 4-5 months so he sent me his fragrance to make me feel closer to him ♥♥♥

What fragrances do you wear every day? Which ones do you swear by?


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