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Hi lovelies!!

As I’m on holiday I wanted to give some amazing other bloggers the opportunity to take over my blog! I hope you like this :)

Today, Cat from The Bitch Blogs is giving a little post about the top 3 beauty tips she learnt from her mum!

I was supposed to be a William. Problem was I was born a girl, which oddly came as a surprise to my parents. Mind you, they were told to expect a little Willy (pun intended) so I don’t blame my parents for being a little shocked. However once that subsided, my mother was ecstatic and despite my tomboy attitude she persisted in imparting beauty advice to me. Some of which I listened to, most of which I ignored until I turned 21 and realised she was (annoyingly) right.

So even though I’m not a mother (yet) I decided that I was going to write a blog article listing some of the best beauty advice I learnt from my mum. Some of these tips you may have heard of, some of them you may have not. Either way, I hope you enjoy this article and I hope some of you find it useful!

Olive oil & honey is the best thing for your hair

Granted it’s a pain to wash out (compared to brand versions) but it really is the best thing. My mother has been making me use her olive oil hair mask recipe since I was 16 and honestly? It’s one of the most effective and cheapest masks I’ve ever used.

For shoulder length hair you need 5 tablespoons of olive oil (preferably extra virgin cold pressed oil) to 4 parts honey (use clear honey) stir till blended. Heat mixture in microwave for approx 30-45 secs depending on your microwave (stop it just before it starts to boil!) Let the mixture cool down enough to touch, apply to your hair (all the way to the roots if you have dry hair, leave the roots out of your hair if you’re prone to greasy hair.) Comb through with a wide tooth comb, pile it up onto your head and seal hair in cling film (yes really.) Wait for a minimum of 20 minutes, shower and wash your hair thoroughly afterwards.

Trust me, it sounds like a pain but it’s so worth it for the compliments you’ll receive afterwards!

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

My mother has the best skin I have ever seen – it’s annoying. It’s smooth, even and so soft it makes cashmere feel rough. I sadly did not inherit it (damn you genes!) However she did tell me that she helps it along with regular exfoliation. For her face she uses a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin (Cetaphil) and adds a tiny amount of baking soda. On a damp face she very gently exfoliates for 2 mins once every week. She does the same thing for her body using a mild body wash.

I’ve tried it and the results are amazing. It’s like a microdermabrasion without the brand price tag. You have to be very gentle though and if you have really sensitive skin then I would be wary. Otherwise (if you’re sensible with it) then it’s a scrub that’ll give you super smooth results at a fraction of the cost!

Use sunscreen – everyday

My mum always tries to avoid direct sunlight (a hard feat indeed seeing as she lives in Thailand) and she’s a religious user of sunscreen. She’s been doing this since her teens and has been telling me to do the same since mine. Nowadays the beauty industry seems to have caught up and now we all know that excessive exposure to the sun prematurely ages skin. I’m not saying avoid the sun completely (after all it’s an important source for vitamin D) just be smart about it and protect your skin.


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