Yesterday’s Haulage (Primark & Boots)

After waking up Thursday morning feeling totally and utterly depressed, ugly, fat, etc I decided I needed to get out of the house and tank up on some of that sunshine that Manchester / the UK so rarely sees. I also cleverly made a list of things I wanted to do, see and get in town while I’m there – you know, making the “trip” worthwhile.

I dared going into Primark (again! I seem to be getting braver and braver lol) as my list said I needed flat shoes and a skinny pair of jeans and leggings. Oh, and a brown leather satchel. And you know what it’s like when you make a list for shopping and you want to be all organised and good and not spend any money on other stuff? Exactly, you end up getting everything else but those things you need. Ended up in Boots too, actually looking to buy 3 for £12 on Lee Stafford products but found something better instead!

Here’s what I ended up buying…

  • Primark
    • Belt £2.50
    • Strappy Top £1.50
    • Leggings £3
    • Grey Top £2
    • Ankle Socks £1.50
    • Stretch Shirt £3
    • Broque Shoes £8
    • Boots £12
    • Sunglasses £1
    • also bought a yellow printed shirt (£3, too big) and a white denim mini skirt (£2, too small)
  • Boots
    • Toni & Guy Twist It Curl Balm (RPP £6.63)
    • Toni & Guy Tame It Serum (RRP £8.16)
    • together £6 (massive saving of £9)

What have you been planning to buy recently and then ended up buying something else?

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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12 Comments on “Yesterday’s Haulage (Primark & Boots)

  1. Charlotelizabeth

    i shop in manchester’s primark :)
    i love what you bought, them boots are cute :)
    great bargain witht he haircare?
    i normally buy the lee stafford heat protection spray but i might have a look at these toni
     and guy products when i go in :)

  2. Natalie@pixielashes

    I love those boots, my local Primark didnt have these in when I went last week…You have given me an excuse for another trip though thanks :) xxx

  3. Charlotelizabeth

    i shop in manchester's primark :)i love what you bought, them boots are cute :)great bargain witht he haircare?i normally buy the lee stafford heat protection spray but i might have a look at these toni and guy products when i go in :)XxX


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