Yeikes or Likes [Perving At Men]: Zac Efron

I was never a massive fan of Zac Efron. Sure, he can sing and dance (and who doesn’t like a man who can move, right?), but he was just looking a tad too smooth for me to fancy him (I’m fully aware I’m saying this after Yeikes or Likes with Tom Daley in it hehe). I think it also had something to do with that hideous emo haircut of his.

But since then he’s gotten all hawt with his rock’n’roll hair do and he definitely won me over after watching The Lucky One, where he’s all scruffy and stuff. Hmmmm, I love me some stubbles. Especially in a suit. Hmmmmmm.

Today is gonna be a good day!

Do I really actually have to ask?


I think I know the answer already.



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