Yeikes or Likes // Perving At Men: Ian Somerhalder

I’ve been spending all summer reading The Vampire Diaries books after the TV show’s 3rd season ended so much with a bang and since the 4th season premiered last night, I thought it’d be good time to drool over one of the main hotties of the show: Ian Somerhalder.

I’ve been a fan of him since his brilliantly funny stint in The Rules of Attraction, the movie adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’s same-titled book.

So here are some pictures of the hawtness that is Ian Somerhalder.

Ladies? You’re welcome.


Yeikes or Likes ladies? That is the question!


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8 Comments on “Yeikes or Likes // Perving At Men: Ian Somerhalder

  1. Tracy Hodgson

    I too love him! i read the first five books but after Elena went to the underworld it got to wired for me. However if you did enjoy the supernatural aspect to them you should read Kelley Armstrong – amazing! Txx


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