Yeikes or Likes? Perving at Fit Men #3

As the Olympics of 2012 are over (can’t wait for the Paralympics to start!!) I guess I’m going to *have to* show you other very hot men to sweeten your almost-start to the weekend! It’s a hard life (NOT!) having to look at all these fitties having to decide which ones to Happy Friday you with!

(In case you wondered, yes I have a boyfriend and yes I love him very much, but my god there are some men in this world that even a loved-up girl like me just cannot ignore!)

So how about these two examples that make my knees go rather weak when I look at them just that little bit too long!?

By the way, I’m not being held responsible for any heart palpitations or any other on-setting physical reactions to seeing these two handsome hunks!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

*Sigh* That man. That smile. Those eyes. Hmmmmmm… Sorry, *shakes herself back to reality* I forgot there’s another guy I got for you….

Gerrard Butler

I don’t really expect you to be able to choose here, really (as if I could choose!), but if you can, let me know – who gets your YEIKES and who gets your LIKES?


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9 Comments on “Yeikes or Likes? Perving at Fit Men #3

  1. BeautyGeekUK

    I love them both! But I think my heart will always belong to Gerard; I used to be obsessed with him and for my birthday a friend bought me the "I Heart Gerard Butler" range which included a t-shirt, underwear, fridge magnet and key ring…xx


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