Wish List: Funky Divaa Items

Leopard Heart Jumper | Faux Fur Leopard Coat | Heart Button Coat | Leopard Bow Skater Dress | Skater Skirt | Floral Back Tights

Revision is such a pain in the *rse! I suck at exams anyways, so when I should be revising (I do revise bits and bops, but I could probably do a lot better if it wasn’t for the internet and my lack of self-discipline!), I’m trolling the internet instead… So I ended up on FunkyDivaa.com and found some items I would like to share with you…

Can you tell I have a thing for leopard prints and red? Can’t believe it! Animal prints used to be my pet hate!!! Ah well, I’ve been known to take forever to adapt fashion trends – it took me about a year to buy my first pair of skinny jeans and even longer to buy into the leggings & jeggings thing… but I eventually do give in! LOL! So, yeah, I guess you can consider me conquered by animal prints! Dear oh dear…

Back to revision – I think…


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