What’s In My Bag for London Fashion Week AW13

London Fashion Week AW13

I hope you all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day?! I spent mine planning outfits and packing stuff, as today is the first day off London Fashion Week AW13. Like many other lucky beauty and fashion bloggers, I’ll be in London for the next few days attending shows, exhibitions and presentations until my feet bleed. And then some.

I’m not getting to go home every night, as I’m staying with my beau Leanne, so some stressful planning needed to into what I need with me to survive the madness that is LFW… Wish me luck!!


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9 Comments on “What’s In My Bag for London Fashion Week AW13

  1. Couture for the Soul

    I adore your Tory Burch purse, very nice.

    Im your new follower


    H X

    1. leech bridges

      Oh, the nostalgia, I had bat wing sweaters and pixie boots too! The quilt is fab – love the colour combo, I think that's definitely one I'll be putting on the list…

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