Vintage Love: Flats

My mum just came back from a trip and I haven’t seen her for over 6 months (the last time we saw each other, we went to see Michael Buble live!).

I had loads of clothes, beauty products and shoes for her for Easter – stuff that doesn’t fit me anymore from losing weight. Mum loves my style, so she might as well have it and if she doesn’t like it, we can always donate the stuff, right?

So I have mum some shoes and realised she had the biggest collection ever herself, so I snatched some lovely vintage flats!! Aren’t they beautiful?

I love them. At the moment I find it really difficult to find flat shoes I like. So I’m really happy I have these :) So THANKS MUM!

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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2 Comments on “Vintage Love: Flats

  1. Jude

    They are lovely and they look so comfy too. Loving the new blog layout by the way, very swish xx Jude xx @jadlgw


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