Upcoming: MUA Pro Blemish Balm Foundation

Blemish Balm (BB) creams & foundations has been the hot topic of conversation in the past year in the UK cosmetic world, and this trend seems to be continuing. BB creams have been big for years in Asia and last year with L’Oreal launching their BB cream they finally hit the UK highstreet with big impact.

The benefits of a BB cream is to reduce your blemishes (hence ‘Blemish Balm‘) by working as a primer, concealer and foundation. Some BB creams have ‘extra powers’ of supposedly brightening your complexion, actively reducing blemishes through other ingredients, being anti-aging and whatnot. But the basics BB creams always come down to is the ability to combine primer, concealer and foundation.  

MUA Pro has now announced that they will be launching their version of a BB foundation, coming in 3 shades (light, medium, dark), in March 2012 that will only cost you £4, describing it as follows:

Lightweight but with high coverage. A primer, concealer and foundation all rolled into one.

Most BB creams/foundations on the highstreet retail at £7 and more [17, L’Oreal, Clinique to name a few] – so this one will be the cheapest of its kind!

I can’t wait for this MUA Pro BB foundation – I still haven’t tried any because of the prices, but this one you can’t go much wrong with spending £4! And so far, everything MUA Cosmetics have done has been 100% PERFECTION.

Will you get MUA Pro’s BB Foundation? Have you tried BB creams?

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