Upcoming: Models Own "BeetleJuice" Collection

From left to right:
Golden Green, Pinky Brown, Purple Blue, Aqua Violet and Emerald Black

Models Own are launching their latest nail varnish collection “Beetlejuice” in less than a week.

The 5 nail polishes will cost £5 each and all have duo-chrome finishes (which explains the self-explanatory names of the individual varnishes).

My thoughts
Count me in! I’m not alone in loooooving the look of these, especially the Aqua Violet one! I definitely have to have that one, if not all of them! Only shame is that they didn’t give these beautiful color-combination polishes more creative names. The names are self-explanatory, but you can SEE what colors they’ve mixed for each individual polish anyways so self-explanatory names are a bit of a mute point really. But other than that, I love the color combinations in general – they look beautiful!!

What do you think of the Models Own “Beetlejuice” collection? Which polish(es) would you buy?

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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