Time For A New Me!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most talented illustrator of them all? – It’s PAIGE without a shadow of a doubt!

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted a face lift for my blog to celebrate my blog’s 2nd birthday on top of all the giveaways (you still have time till Thursday to enter!!) and took to Twitter to find a lovely talented illustrator. Joseph recommended Paige and despite the fact that she was super busy with uni work, she said yes.

I have to say she was so incredibly easy to work with! I’m not very good with describing what I want and how I mean things, but she kept on asking questions until it made sense and then she created pure art. I cannot believe how talented, nay, GIFTED she is.

See for yourself – this is the original picture that she worked off to create that beautiful header!!!

new design

Seriously, I’m speechless. Honestly.

Please, please check out and like her Facebook Page and also have a look at her blog – she deserves all the love, awe and adoration in this world!!

Paige, if you read this, thank you for sharing your gift with the world – please don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing!!


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16 Comments on “Time For A New Me!

  1. Paige Joanna

    Aww gosh, hun that is so lovely of you, thanks so much for this post and for your kind words. I am so glad I got to make this for you and I hope your followers like it as much as you do!! Lots of love sweetie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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