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This past week has been crazy filled with press day after press day, and one of them was the press day for Warehouse’s SS13 collection, which I wanted to share with you. I won’t share all items and all press days coverage with you (you’d get bored, I promise), but with Warehouse, I really loved every piece of the collection… I’m practically already planning my summer wardrobe, though we haven’t even reached winter yet.

Warehouse SS13 (29)Warehouse SS13 (30)Warehouse SS13 (31)Warehouse SS13 (32)

I’m very much in love with the last two pieces, which are obviously total contrast. I can see that jumpsuit on someone like Olivia from What Olivia Did, while the dress would be perfect for Mel from Media Marmalade I’d say.

Warehouse SS13 (01)Warehouse SS13 (02)Warehouse SS13 (10)Warehouse SS13 (22)Warehouse SS13 (26)Warehouse SS13 (35)

Being a accessories fiend though, my highlights were Warehouse’s upcoming jewellery and handbags! I really couldn’t stop drooling over them :)

Warehouse SS13 (03)Warehouse SS13 (12)Warehouse SS13 (13)Warehouse SS13 (15)Warehouse SS13 (18)Warehouse SS13 (19)Warehouse SS13 (21)Warehouse SS13 (27)

My ultimate must-have has the be the following bag, not because it’s made out of snake-print type pleather (urgh!) but because of the metallic multi-colour effect it gives off in light. It was incredibly difficult to photograph – I’m hoping these two pictures are giving you an idea…

Warehouse SS13 (24)Warehouse SS13 (25)

I hope I didn’t promise too much. I’m really in love with this collection and I just had to share it and I can’t wait for the items to hit the stores so I can go and indebt myself Lodz.

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