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I’m such an idiot. I thought I was being special and different and doing something new filming press days and putting videos together. Guess I should watch more YouTube videos myself, because then I would’ve realised that the lovely Lily from LLYMLRS does exactly the same. Oh how stupid of me to think that I have original ideas. I swear though that I only just found out.

Anyways. Here’s the preview for River Island’s Spring/Summer ‘13 – you might’ve seen me tweet this already, but I thought I make a post about it.  It’s a lot longer than the SS13 Preview for Bershka, but that’s because River Island really showed all its designs and ranges, with each shoe, accessory and pieces of clothing they’ve created for Spring/Summer ‘13.

Amongst my favourite pieces is that silver snake-print skirt and that means a lot coming from me with hating any animal skin type print! I just like it’s not quite so straight forward cut and the diagonal zip and everything. Guess it reminds me also of how I thought the world would be like in 2000s when I was the early 90s.

What’s your favourite piece?
Do you think River Island got SS13 right?


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