Spring/Summer Collection 2011: Blue Inc

Some of you might know I’m super stingy (guess that comes with being German and/or a student lol) so I always go for cheap stuff too. Yes, sometimes it’s not of great quality, but I don’t care because my weight fluctuates anyways and what I buy and wear today I might hate tomorrow. So no biggie if it falls apart, hehe.

Blue Inc is one of those stores I love browsing. I dont always find something I like but it’s still affordable and really cute stuff.

Here’s their Spring/Summer 2011 collection:

I really like the men’s stuff. Especially the top in the middle. Fantastic. But unfortunately I’m not sure on the women’s stuff. I’m missing that splash of colour. I mean, you could have coral nails and a coral belt with the jumpsuit, but still. Where’s the colors that come out in summer? I do love the shoes though :) Very cute!!

What do you think of the collection? Comment below!

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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