Spring/Summer 2011: Skincare

So this post is not really a collection post. Normally I use ‘Spring/Summer 2011′ to indicate that the following post is about a collection coming up this spring or summer. But I want to address something else instead, that still applies to this spring/summer season.

With the hot, sunny, humid weather in the UK at the moment, which is unusual for this time of year, a lot of people are unprepared for it – and some probably wouldn’t even prepare anyways.

The most important for this weather is to take care of your skin. I know everyone wants to get a gorgeous tan from this weather, but you dont want to end up looking like this, do you?

Ignore the gorgeous body and remember the heat and pain your skin radiates when you look like this! I remember I cant sleep, because whichever side I lay on, it would be too hot and moving around to get some fresh air would hurt like crazy.

And remember how stupid it makes you look! You have strong lines everywhere and look idiotic if you wear stuff that doesn’t match those lines! I remember I once had a straight line horizontally across my back from a bikini strap, which you could still see after MONTHS! Because even when being backless, that patch of skin will always be just a bit lighter..

But forget the pain and the heat. Those fade away right? But then… EWWWWW.. Your skin peels! That is by far one of the most disgusting things your skin can do. Obviously if you have your skin scorched, the top layers of your skin burn and eventually break up and start lifting off. And you cant do ANYTHING about it, right? It’s unstoppable. You can only help the process by speeding it up, which can hurt what with all that hot, sensitive skin and all.

Do you want to look like this when you go out and enjoy the warm summer nights around a bonfire or at a party?

I know it’s difficult to believe, but the sun isn’t just warm and beautiful and makes everything look pretty and easy and it lifts your mood and everything… It also makes your skin look like this if you aren’t being careful:

So, people, use sun cream/block/lotion! I know it’s expensive, but it’s definitely worth it as it saves you pain and looking disgusting in the short- and long-term!

Some people (and that used to include me!) think that putting on sunscreen stops you from tanning! But no it does not! All it does it it filters/absorbs UV-B light. That’s the dangerous light rays that come from the sun with all the other light rays. Those are the dangerous ones, that burn your skin and make your skin look leathery and give you dark spots if you aren’t being careful. I can tell you that my mum’s skin is very damaged from sun exposure. Sunscreen doesn’t stop you from tanning though, because that’s other rays, non-UV light rays, that make you go all brown :)

And SPF, Sun Protection Factor, is what indicates how long you can be exposed to direct sun light with that lotion on. I’ve seen it range from 10 to 50 and higher. I’m not sure how exactly it works, but basically you wanna go for the highest possible – regardless of skin color, but especially if you have lighter skin.

I always go for SPF 50. That kind of lets me be in the sun all day with my light skin. But 30 and 40 are also ok and let you be in the sun for a longer period. But generally avoid SPF that is lower than 30. If you don’t want to put sun lotion in your face, go for a foundation that has SPF but make sure to not expose yourself too much to the sun.

And also, remember: you can tan through indirect sunlight too! Sitting in the shade will still make you tan. I know it’s a weird concept, but it’s true. Because sun light is formed of waves, and when those hit the surface of anything (water, sand, glass, tables, etc) they bounce off. And that bouncing changes the wave length a tad which makes them less dangerous (the shorter the wave length the more dangerous).

And dont forget the aftercare too! It’s just as important, as it cools your skin (cuz your skin will still heat up from the sun even with SPF lotion!) and moisturize it! If you don’t want to invest in aftersun products, a good alternative is BABY OIL.

And don’t forget to go for a water-resistent product, if you plan to go swimming!

I hope you found this helpful.

Much love and look after your skin!!
Miss drifted Snow White


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4 Comments on “Spring/Summer 2011: Skincare

  1. flexina08

    I absolutely love this post. I used to be able to go out in the sun and just tan… no burning. I became allergic to the sun and now I have to wear a sunscreen but since this is a recent occurance, I still forget. I recently went out and could not find my SPF, got home later and had an allergic reaction that lasted for 2 days… not fun. I loved the collection of pictures… very effective.

  2. Style of a Fashionis

    I am totally a safety girl as you know from Twitter. I have been wearing SPF 50 for about 8 years now and SPF 50 on my face all year round. I used to use sunbeds and have had a course of chemical peels to reverse the damage that is why I choose self tan over a sun tan. Great post btw xoxo

  3. olithée

    Im a sun addict. 10 month/year im whither than white. So when summers comes up HOURA im sunbathing all the time (but with suncream of course)These pics are awfulxoxo


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