Spring/Summer 2011: Illamasqua ‘Toxic Nature’

On 10th/17th March UK brand Illamasqua will be launching their new Spring/Summer 2011 collection called ‘Toxic Nature’ and here are a couple of details for you guys.

It it’s a mix of bright and dark colors as the collection’s name and pictures suggests.

It will consist of:
- 6x Cream Pigments: Emerge (Coral), Hollow (Mid Brown), Delirium (Cranberry), Bedaub (Mint Green), Mould (Deep Purple), Dab (light pink) – £17 each (I believe these will become permanent)
- 2x Toxic Nature Lip Sticks: Flare (Red Orange), Atomic (Burgundy/Cranberry Red) – £15.50 each
- 5x Toxic Nature Nail Polishes: Purity (Light Coral / Peach), Stagnate (Light Taupe), Gamma (Orange), Radium (Lime Green), Bacterium (Shimmery Cream Brown) – £13.50 each
- 1x Toxic Nature Precision Ink Eye Liner: Glisten (Shimmery Nude) – £17
- 2x Toxic Nature Sheer Lip Glosses: Divine (Magenta), Torture (Orange) – £13 each

It will be available online from 10th March 2011 (watch out for occasional discount codes!) and in store from 17th March 2011.

Cream Pigment ‘Bedaub’
Toxic Nature Lip Stick ‘Atomic’
Toxic Nature ‘Purity’
Toxic Nature Precision Ink ‘Glisten’
Toxic Nature Sheer Lip Gloss ‘Divine’

I’m a humongus fan of Illamasqua. And I say ‘fan’ and actually mean it. My walls around my desk where I film and have most of my makeup are covered with copies of the promotional pictures that Alex Box created for the Art of Darkness collection. I just love this brand, the geniuses and talents who work for them and especially what they stand for: To live out who you really are (at least that’s how I interpret their ‘Makeup for your Alter Ego‘ slogan). I’m super excited that I get to go to this collection’s launch event on Saturday. I cannot wait to see and meet these geniuses!

Much love,
Ms Drifted Snow White


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