Spring 2011 Collection: OPI

OPI is releasing a new nail polish collection on May 20, 2011 and has a sea theme going on.

It’s called “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides“, accompanying the movie franchise’s 4th movie launching in cinemas the same day!

It will consist of 7 new polishes:

I love the names of the polishes and I think it’s also perfect that there’ll be a shatter/crack polish – it fits the theme of pirates to perfectly. But I think the colors aren’t really suitable. When I think of pirates and the sea I certainly don’t think of purples and pinks. I think of blacks, golds, reds and blues! I’m still hoping that OPI will do like a mini-set of these!

Are you going to buy one of these?

Much love,

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4 Comments on “Spring 2011 Collection: OPI

  1. Jo

    I completely agree with you about the colours – not what i would expect from a pirate theme either!! Still some lovely colours in there thuough, Mermaid tears in particular (i love greens). Looks like more of fairy or nymph actually!jo xoxo


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