Spring 2011 Collection: MAC

MAC – one of the most successful Make Up brands worldwide – is releasing not only 2 collections this spring (Jenius and Wonder Woman), they are also launching a new product range called “Cremeblend Blushes”.

Basically these are cream blushes as the name suggests. The 6 shades that they will be initially releasing will be replacing the 6 Blushcremes that have been part of their permanent range.

I’ve just discovered cream blushes for myself so I’m hoping some unsold products will end up in Bicester Village up for a bargain.

This just feels like a relaunch of a product range to me – just under a different name. Maybe it’s because they are relaunching the cream mineralized foundations as well.It also doesn’t help that some of the blushcreme shade names have been carried over to the cremeblushes!

I’m getting less and less impressed by MAC’s scheming actions. I might be wrong but packing up old unsuccessful products and giving a new name makes me think they’re just trying to make cheap money instead of really trying to come up with great creme blushes? But I might be completely wrong!!

What do you think?

Much love,


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