Spring 2011 Collection: MAC

MAC – a brand by Estee Lauder group – is releasing multiple collections this Spring 2011 and I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about the upcoming Wonder Woman collection, as Temptalia has blogged about it multiple times in detail with photos.
The collection is apparently coming out in March if you are outside the US and includes 32 (!!) items, some of which are Limited Editions and Exclusives, some are from the PRO-range and some are permanent items.
Find the full list of items on Temptalia
This collection has by far been one of the most controversial ones – only the MAC Rodarte collection trumped this and in the end actually got cancelled.
A lot of MakeUp fans complain about this collection reminding them of toys or that it looks ridiculous and so on.
But I dont care – I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE LOOK OF THE COLLECTION! I think it’s a great design – yeah they look like toys, but Wonder Woman was a kids’ show so why is it so wrong to design your products after that?! MAC rarely releases collections with fancy designs – I can only think of the London Liberty and the Baroque Boudoir collections that had special designs, and they were also designed to fit the purpose of the collection.
Here’s what I will definitely get:
  • Spitfire Bright creamy magenta – lip stick
  • Russian Red Intense bluish-red – lip stick
I love red lippies, I have a couple of favorites (see here), but I wanna explore more lip colors. Also, I’ll be getting my hair dyed magenta-pink again in June so I might as well have a matching lip stick to go with it :)
Here’s what I will probably also get:
  • Wonder Woman Bright red with soft pearl – lip gloss matching the Russian Red lip stick
  • Athena‚Äôs Kiss Bright blue fuchsia – lip gloss matching the Spitfire lip stick
  • Bright Fuchsia Bright magenta – pigment
  • Marine Ultra Vivid marine blue – pigment
  • Reflects Bronze Sparkling rich gold – glitter
  • Defiance Eyeshadow Quad Iridescent white pin
    • Defiance Iridescent white pink
    • Paradise Island Soft warm pink
    • Star Studded Mid-tone violet pink
    • Real Drama Dark burgundy with pink pearl

What will you guys be getting? What do you think of the packaging and all the drama that’s come with it?

Much love,


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    5 Comments on “Spring 2011 Collection: MAC

    1. Charli!

      I am one of them people that hate the design but Ive seen things I like so will probs be buying atleast 1 thing from it and then the design will grow on me :) xx

    2. MsDriftedSw

      @charli! why do you hate it? is it because it doesn't look as high-end as the normal stuff? how would you have designed the packaging if you were doing a Wonder Woman collection?i'm glad you'll still buy something :D

    3. Charli!

      I think it looks tacky and garish if im honest, I dont know its just not my cup of tea! I would probs just have it plain with a picture of her standing on it simple but with a wonder woman twist :) xx


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