Spring 2011 Collection: MAC

As reported yesterday MAC will be releasing their Wonder Woman collection in March but they’ll also be releasing another collection called “Jeanius” this spring!

This is what the collection will be including:

  • Eye Shadows: “Diva in Distress”, “Motorhead”, “Stove Pipe Black”, “White Jenius”
  • Lip Glasses: “Docile”, “Indigo Pink”, “Painted On”
  • Lip Stick: “Acid Washed”, “Pretty Please”, “Riveting Rose”
  • Nail Lacquer: “Biker Blue”, “Frayed-to-Order”
  • Blush: “Overdyed”, “Pink Cult”
  • Brow Maker
  • Eye Liner: “Rapidblack”

As you can probably gather from the picture above, the name “Jeanius” and several names of the items, all relate to jeans and so the new eye shadows will all have a jeans-imitating print on their surface. MAC introduced these sort of products with a relief-surface a lot within the last year – the “Marine Life” highlight powder from their “To the Beach” summer collection and the highlight powders “Chez Chez Lame” and “Rose Ole” from their just released “Cham-Pale” collection spring to mind.


These have proved very, very popular in the past year, so I think this trend will continue whenever it’s appropriate. I don’t buy into that relief-surface hype. I was going to buy the “Rose Ole” highlight powder from the “Cham-Pale” collection, but not because of its relief surface.I don’t think I’ll be buying anything of this collection – if at all maybe the “Riveting Rose” lip stick

What about you? Do you dig relief-surface products? Will you buy anything from this collection?

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1 Comment on “Spring 2011 Collection: MAC

  1. white-lotusflower

    I think it´s nice this collection, but it´s not special.I won´t buy products from this collection, from Wonder woman…I think that maybe I´ll purchase Russian red lipstick, but not sure. I wanna see it in person, you know?xoxohttp://white-lotusflower.blogspot.com/


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