Sneak Peek: Sleek Au Naturel i-Divine Palette

Today whilst roaming around in Manchester trying to get various things and ending up with pretty much nothing I needed but lots I wanted (you know that feeling, right?)

I had a look around in Superdrug and came across the tester palette for Sleek MakeUp‘s upcoming Au Naturel i-Divine Palette, which will be part of the Nude Collection, which will be permanent.

Here it is…

Isn’t it a beauty? I meanĀ apart from the 3 kaput shadows obviously! You can see that most of the eye shadows are actually mattes (finally!). I believe the ones broken plus the bottom far left and the bottom 4th from the left are shimmery ones, which makes it 5 of them, in a palette of 12 shadows.


Unfortunately neither the clear protective sheet with the names of the colors was there to give you the names, nor did I have the thought of swatching those shadows that weren’t broken (I knowwww!! I’m such an idiot!!) I promise I will go back and get you those swatches!

It’s coming out with the Nude Collection on 31st August, 2011.

My thoughts
As you already know from my original post about the collection including the blush & pout polish, I really want this collection. Accidentally finding the tester for this Au Naturel palette didn’t help. It’s made my urge even stronger. These are (it seems) ideal for the fairer kind, which is brilliant, as Sleek MakeUp originally was aimed at the dark skinned customers. THIS IS A DEFINITE PROMISED PURCHASE!!

How are you liking the look of this beautiful palette?

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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8 Comments on “Sneak Peek: Sleek Au Naturel i-Divine Palette

  1. DalaLuz

    I will so get this!!! :D I just smashed my Oh So Special palette yesterday :'( so tragic, but perhaps a shine new Au Naturel might just be what I need to perk up… (and yes, I fixed my Oh So Special palette, I love it!, but it just looks… so sad. Although a whole bit better than this one ;-)

  2. Erin El Issa

    Wants! I will have to pay the ridiculous shipping amount (in the U.S.) but I have two Sleek palettes, Storm & Oh So Special, and they are amaze!

  3. CherrySue

    Will absolutely be picking this one up, have found myself reaching for Bow (the only matt in the Oh So Special palette) again & again. Cheers for the heads up! ;)


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