Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas

I know that Christmas is still about 10 weeks away, but walking through London every day, seeing the Christmas lights already up and ready for the big switch on, it’s starting to make me panic about what to get for my family and friends for those special days. I haven’t been home in Germany since March, so I want that time to be very special, right?

But of course first of all I’m racking my brain what to get Lodz for Christmas. I want it to be something romantic – because I normally don’t do Valentine’s Day due its forcefulness of it all.
2 years ago I flew him and myself out to Paris for a long (and very cold) weekend, but I can’t afford it this year what with being currently unemployed and all that. I still want to show him that I care about him and that I’d like to spend the rest of my life with him.

I’m really struggling to find perfect gift for the man in my life, but maybe you guys can afford to take your other half onto this luxury day trip to Paris which includes a panoramic coach tour of the city, a two course champagne lunch at the Eiffel tower in the Altitude 58 Restaurant, a cruise on the River Seine and more? You can find this online at

And boys, you can’t ever go wrong with getting your girl a present with a personal touch to it! You could get a Mini Champagne and Flute set which can be personalised on the back of the flute with any message of up to four lines with 15 characters on each line. As cheesy as it sounds, I think it would make many women very happy to have a personal message from their loved one there for as long as they keep drinking! Plus BUBBLY!!! Of course, it could even sit in a display cabinet as a trophy of your love.

Whatever you decide to get your other half to show your love, remember that it does not have to be expensive although you should spare no expense if you love your other half enough!!!

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