Recommendation: Nail Art Practicing

Do you guys do Nail Art? I’m not. I’m glad when I get the nail varnish on without looking streaky or damaged while it’s drying! My cuticles are horrible too – I really should get a manicure soon.

But I wanted to share this with you anyways, because I thought this might be helpful to those who wanna learn the Art of Nail Polish Designs. I found these while I was searching for a storage/display solution for my eye shadow palettes. You can see my current solution in the video here.

5 Practice Training Fingers

When I first saw this one I got freaked out because I think it just looks wrong! But when you think about it, it’s actually really practical for practicing drawing fine lines on nails!

Nail Art Display Stand

I really really really like this! You can swatch your polishes on those sticks or you could create nail art on them to promote/show off your talents, etc! Sometimes it really amazes me what is out there on the crazy internet world!!

Maybe you will find these helpful? Let me know!

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