Recommendation: My Top 5 Red Lip Sticks

Hello my lovelies!

While I’m uploading my video(s) on the Haul that I did in Paris (youtube keeps failing on me), I thought I could blog about my Top 5 Red Lip Sticks.

I’m totally in love with red lipsticks. It’s classic and chic and makes any makeup do look saucy. I normally don’t wear any lip stick to work but 90% out of the time I go out work-unrelated I wear a red lipstick.

Here’s my Top 5 (in no particular order)

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme – Prolonged
Why? I love this lip stick so much because it actually does what it says – wears long! I bought this lip stick maybe a month or two ago and I am totally in love with it. Wish I could wear it to work, but it’s too bold. But I wear it out almost whenever I leave the house work-unrelated. It’s super creamy too! £14.50

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense – Moulin Rouge
How could I not love a lip stick that’s named after a famous place in Paris? I’ve seen the Moulin Rouge, though I prefer the movie one. Gorgeously creamy and the color goes on so opaque. Unfortunately it doesn’t last too long on me. €18.90

MAC – Ruby Woo
This one was one of my first proper red lip sticks. It’s a matte lipstick so applying it can be a pain sometime as the product is so hard. I normally put it on the radiator for a minute or two to warm it up. When it’s dried on the lips it’s beautiful. Perfect red with blue undertone to make my teeth look white. £14.50

Barry M – Pillar Box Red
This lipstick goes more towards the orange range of the red shades. Nonetheless, I love this lipstick as well. It’s not as creamy as the others, but not as dry as the MAC Ruby Woo either. It doesn’t last longer than the others – the MAC Prolonged is unbeatable anyways – but it’s a lovely orangey-red lipstick for the summer time for a low price. £4.49

Illamasqua – Ignite
This one leans towards the orange end of the red colors too, just like the Barry M one. I bought this a couple of months ago after getting my makeup done at the Illamasqua stand in Birmingham’s Selfridges. I prefer blue undertoned red lip sticks, but this one is so nice that I wear it a lot too. £15

MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Prolonged, Make Up For Ever Moulin Rouge, Illamasqua Ignite, Barry M Pillar Box Red
MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Prolonged, Make Up For Ever Moulin Rouge, Illamasqua Ignite, Barry M Pillar Box Red

Barry M Pillar Box Red, Illamasqua Ignite, Make Up For Ever Moulin Rouge, MAC Prolonged, MAC Ruby Woo

with flash: all lip sticks rubbed off – only MAC Prolonged stained properly

without flash: all lipsticks rubbed off – only MAC Prolonged stained properly

Maybe I should point out that I don’t always wear every lip stick on top of lip liners – that obviously has an effect on the longevity of the product itself. Also, I smoke, so again that doesn’t help with the lip stick staying on for long.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed My Top 5 Red Lip Sticks! The one for Lip Liners is coming soon :)

Much love,


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